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If you want to prepare for a career, and for life in general, Nipissing’s School of Business offers a unique approach to learning that gives you more than a degree. Along with core business knowledge, our faculty will help you develop professional and social skills. The programs combination of theoretical background, practical skills, experience, independent thinking, and problem solving will give you an advantage and better chance of success in a competitive market.

Taylor Hummel, DMLA

“Making the choice to get my BBA from Nipissing is one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I’ve often experienced scepticism from others regarding the opportunities Nipissing University can offer students because it is a smaller institution; take it from me that Nipissing’s smaller size is actually one of the most beneficial opportunities a business student can get in this competitive industry. Building professional relationships with professors, peers and community businesses has opened up more opportunities for experiential learning and career paths, both locally and internationally, than I could have ever imagined. The tight-knit and supportive community at NipissingU offers opportunities that are second to none!”

Taylor Hummel - BBA Marketing, 2019

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is a general business degree that provides students with a strong foundation of business knowledge along with the opportunity to develop an area of focus. Some of these areas can lead directly to professional designations. The degree has six knowledge concentration streams as follows:

  • Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Leadership
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • International Business
  • Marketing

The BBA program requirements can be viewed through the Academic Calendar.

Business Administration at Nipissing University

portrait of Racheal Costello

“The education I received at Nipissing University truly prepared me for my successful career in commercial banking. I graduated from the School of Business’ BBA program with minors in both Accounting & Economics in 2015. The intimate class sizes compared to larger Universities made it possible to build a strong rapport with my professors, who I viewed as mentors. This was invaluable for me, especially as a 1st generation student. I am so grateful for the memories, friendships, education, and experiences, including one of my favourite opportunities, studying a semester abroad in France. I highly recommend the program and the University.”

Racheal Costello, BBA 2015

Experience sets you apart!

Experiential learning is key to preparing students for success by providing opportunities for practical, hands-on learning both inside and outside of the classroom.


The School of Business BBA Co-op Program is an integrated approach to university education that enables students to alternate academic terms on campus with work terms in suitable employment. The success of such programs is founded on the principle that students can apply theoretical knowledge from course studies in the workplace and return to the classroom with practical workplace experience.

For more information on co-op, click here or email

The Sparrow Family Experiential Learning Centre 

Sparrow Family

Thanks to a long relationship with and the generous support of the Sparrow Family, Nipissing University and the School of Business celebrate the opening of The Sparrow Family Experiential Learning Centre.   

The new centre will be instrumental in capturing the imagination, encouraging collaboration, honing presentation and professional competencies, and helping to direct the entrepreneurial spirit of our students. Included in the new centre are a large boardroom, collaborative work spaces, and smaller meeting rooms.

"We chose to support the Sparrow Family Experiential Learning Centre because our Dad (Herb Sparrow) was a self made entrepreneur, and our Mom (Tena Sparrow) was an excellent bookkeeper with a great mind for numbers. Together they supported a lot of business start-ups in Northern Ontario, including one of the first hydroponic farms. When Dad brought home the first “hydroponic” tomato, he said it was the most expensive but best tomato he had ever tasted!"

The Sparrow Family Experiential Learning Centre is made possible through the generous support of the Sparrow Family.


iLEAD business experience certificate

The iLEAD Program allows you to Learn through Experience, Action and Discovery while earning credits toward your BBA or BComm degree. The program is designed to help you gain valuable and relevant work experience through activities such as directed studies, writing an honours thesis, participating in workplace internships or studying overseas. The iLEAD program allows your learning to transcend the classroom so you can hone your personal and professional skills and realize success in all facets of your life.

For more information on how to get involved click here or email

Cooper Allen

“The school of Business gave me so many great opportunities to further develop my passion for marketing. The iLead placement gave me the chance to take skills from the classroom and apply them in real scenarios. I was fortunate enough to do an eight-month iLead placement with Laker’s Athletics, which gave me relevant social media management skills, game-day promotion and the ability to run my own “More Than an Athlete Campaign”. Furthermore, the School of Business gave me a chance to attend the Algoma University Business Case Competition with fellow classmates. This attached with the relationships I have built with faculty and staff has put me in a great position as I enter the workforce.”

Daniel Miller - BBA Marketing, 2019

Applied Projects

Many of our business courses incorporate applied projects within them, providing you with opportunities to work with clients on real world business challenges that add depth to your resume.

Read more about some of the exciting applied projects students have undertaken:

Dan Miller

"Being at Nipissing has allowed me to work on creative projects and has given me a very personal education. As an economics and marketing student, I have diversified my experience at Nipissing and had the opportunity to see the BBA program from different perspectives. This diversity in perspective was crucial in my growth as a business student. Having multiple streams paired with experiential learning opportunities has better prepared me for the future, and I am proud to have gone to Nipissing University."

Jesse Lopinski - BBA Marketing & Economics, 2019


Nipissing’s small size allows undergraduates to assist with faculty research; an opportunity often reserved for graduate students at larger institutions. This experience is invaluable for students looking to pursue graduate studies. If you’re interested in getting involved in research, speak with a faculty member for more information.

As a business student, you also have the opportunity to participate in Nipissing University’s Annual Undergraduate Research Conference to showcase your research and engage in scholarly debate with peers, faculty and the public.

Cooper Allen

“The Nipissing School of Business offers several unique experiential learning opportunities that connect classroom theory with real-world application. Being involved with case learning, and more specifically case competitions, through each year of my degree not only enriched the overall learning experience, but also allowed me to connect with many great people in our program and in the business community. I would highly recommend a student become involved with case competitions as early in their degree as possible.”

Cooper Allen - BBA Accounting, 2019


Interested in being your own boss? We can help. The School of Business offers courses specifically for those looking to start their own business including ADMN 2156 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship and ADMN 3306 - Small Business Administration. The Sparrow Centre can also help you connect with a variety of community partners who can support you through your startup journey by providing access to mentorship, grants and funding, networking opportunities and workshops.

Jeremy Butterworth

Turning ideas into reality

For award winning business student Jeremy Butterworth, the Introduction to Entrepreneurship course he took in 2017 instantly helped him realize his dreams. The third-year student turned his course-work into a full-fledged business opportunity, with external funding allowing him to make a reality out of his idea for a fitness-based app, named Flex.

“My professors were incredibly helpful in pushing me to flesh out all aspects of the business plan, including financial forecasting and competitor analysis. They really helped me synthesize the plan to become a professional product, and also helped me to find grants that were available for young entrepreneurs. I highly recommend this course to any students interested in entrepreneurship.”

Jeremy is now working with a company to develop the app and is planning to launch Flex this year.

Executive in Residence Program

The Executive in Residence Program provides students with the opportunity to learn from a seasoned business professional.  The Executive in Residence serves as an important link between the classroom and boardroom by delivering guest lectures, mentoring students, and providing feedback on program development.

George Flumerfelt, President and CEO of The Redpath Group is the School of Business' inaugural Executive in Residence.

​​​​​​Academic Support Services

Our goal is to support your academic and personal development. Look for assistance with accessibility services, learning style assessments, writing skills, writing formats, study strategies, time management, note-taking skills, academic resources, group seminars, peer support, career development activities, and more. Learn More...

Personal Counselling Services

Our registered counsellors offer free, year-round personal counselling services, specialized therapeutic groups, referral services and a host of wellness, educational and awareness events to all full- and part-time undergraduate and graduate students. Learn More...

Academic Advising

Undergraduate students who wish to plan their programs or who need advice on any academic matter should consult an Academic Advisor.

To schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor, you can visit A207, request an appointment through WebAdvisor by clicking the link Request Academic Advising Appointment, or send an email to

Do you have a quick question for an Academic Advisor? You can speak with an advisor during Drop In Hours.

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Financial Support Services

Achieve your goals on time and on budget. We’ll help you fund your education through scholarships, awards, bursaries, government assistance, and work study programs. Learn More...

Internationalize your Degree

If you want to experience a year or a semester at one of our partner schools across the globe, we have support services and programs to help you get there. If you want to assist International students with adjusting to life in Canada, we’ll connect you. Check out your options...


Our top-rated residences will make you feel right at home. You will make fast friends with your residence community. Our student leaders, Residence Dons, and award winning residence staff give tutorials on everything from the basics of laundry and cooking to making connections within the community. Learn More...


NUBC Logo, 2019

Nipissing University Business Community (NUBC)

NUBC is a student organization that helps School of Business students get the most from their education. It organizes events that facilitate networking between students and community members, and assist in developing relationships between students and faculty, as well as other business-related activities to help students gain more than a degree.

NUBC president 2023

It is an honour to be President of the Nipissing University Business Community this academic year. We will be holding a variety of events, and these events give students the chance to network with other students, Faculty, and the local business community. I urge all business students to take part. Please say hello if you see me on campus. Let's work together to improve the future of the business community and make the most of our time at Nipissing University.

Noel Gona, NUBC President 2023

Lakers Athletics

Exercise and healthy competition always help to clear the mind.


Nipissing’s Athletics Department offers a wide range of intramural activities to keep you on your game


Club sports are available to all Nipissing students and are both recreational and competitive.


Go Lakers! Our varsity athletes always bring their “A” game. Get your friends together and come out to cheer on your favourite teams.


Whether you are a gym enthusiast or a weekend warrior, Nipissing has just what you need.

Leadership and Community Engagement

If you are eager to get involved beyond the classroom, take part in the annual Undergraduate Research Conference, which gives you the opportunity to present your work to peers, professors, and family members. You may also have opportunity to work as a Research Assistant to help a professor conduct research and gain valuable experience at the same time.

Nipissing University Student Union (NUSU)

The Nipissing University Student Union (NUSU), Local 20 of the Canadian Federation of Students, is a body comprised of all Nipissing University students, representing approximately 5000 members at the main campus in North Bay, and long-distance students. Collectively, students have a much stronger voice, and NUSU is the embodiment of this voice. Members should expect accurate representation, social advocacy, diverse programming, and a number of services on behalf of the students from their Student Union.

Record of Student Development

Involvement and experiential learning lead to more personal and academic success by connecting classroom learning to real world experience. Volunteer on your campus and within the community and be officially recognized for all that you do. The Record of Student Development (RSD) documents that you have completed a series of involvement outcomes that all employers are looking for. Achieving all the competencies associated with the RSD will help you communicate the depth of your experiences as you apply to career opportunities.

Employers are looking for people with the following proven abilities:

  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-Solving skills
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Teamwork

To register and see the full list of RSD competencies visit

Welcome Back Huddle

The School of Business hosts a number of different events throughout the academic year, including the Welcome Back Huddle. The Welcome Back Huddle takes place during the third or fourth week of classes and all business students, faculty, and business student clubs are invited to attend. This event is a great opportunity for students to meet faculty, business students in all years of study, and to learn more about the various business student clubs. 

Future in Business Event

The Future in Business Event is an annual event that is organized by NUBC and the School of Business. The Future in Business Event takes place in January or February and various community business representatives, faculty, and all business students are invited to attend. This event is a great opportunity for all business students to network and learn about potential careers in business and internship opportunities.

End of the Year Formal and Awards Night

At the end of each year, the School of Business and NUBC hosts a School of Business Formal and Awards Night. This event is a great way for students and faculty to celebrate the end the academic year and it is also an opportunity to recognize our Business Student Leaders for their accomplishments.


School of Business Awards

Business Leader Awards

These awards are presented to the student(s), from each year, who best exemplifies the values of the Code of Excellence for The School of Business: professionalism, participation, academic integrity and excellence.

2022-2023 Recipients

1st Year: Rayane Boumrar

2nd Year: Charissa Peake and Carlexia Gauthier

3rd Year: Madison Gignac

4th Year: Hailey Dattrino, Drake Dietrich, Rachel Morin, Mercedes Parsons

Past Business Leader Award Recipients

2021-2022 Recipients
1st Year Emily Scholl and Ashlyn Zaharia
2nd Year Jessica Couch
3rd Year Mercedes Parsons
4th Year Jeffery Rotar, Tyler MacMullin, Samantha Saucier, Darian Hemsworth
2020-2021 Recipients
1st Year Abigail Dalton
2nd Year Mercedes Fichaud
3rd Year Chloe Lalonde
4th Year Shawna Armstrong, Jennifer Justice, William McIntosh, Shawn Page
2019-2020 Recipients
1st Year Madysin Carrier
2nd Year Haley Hopkins
3rd Year Shawn Page & Giovanni Serebro
4th Year Jessica Rochon, Tiana Bedford, Carter Hodgson, Ryan Samuelson
2018-2019 Recipients
1st Year Giovanni Serebro
2nd Year Shawn Page
3rd Year Tiana Bedford
4th Year Taylor Hummel, Dan Miller, Dakota O’Hara, Abbey Thompson
2017-2018 Recipients
1st Year Shawn Page
2nd Year Juliett Iradukunda
3rd Year Taylor Hummel
4th Year Samuel White, Cole Holowenko, Natasha Snoddon, Brock Morison
2016-2017 Recipients
1st Year Christian Celebre
2nd Year Taylor Hummel & Cooper Allen
3rd Year Cole Holowenko
4th Year Gregory Charbonneau, Zachary Filipov, Markus Hawco, Hayley Heaslip
2015-2016 Recipients
1st Year Taylor Hummel
2nd Year Landon Larabie
3rd Year Aaron Veley
4th Year Kimberly Knobel, Matthew Lewis, Carly Turcotte, Darren Wilson
2014-2015 Recipients
1st Year Gillian McCaskill
2nd Year Jessica Demers
3rd Year Carly Turcotte
4th Year Bailey Brown, Michael Codina-Lucia, Nathan Gravelle, Aaron Miller
2013-2014 Recipients
1st Year Jessica Demers
2nd Year Eben Gowan
3rd Year Nathan Gravelle
4th Year John Jackson, Brittany Lazure, Ingrid Neubert, Michelle Gibb
2012-2013 Recipients
1st Year Rick Shaver
2nd Year Nathan Gravelle
3rd Year Kayla Fitzsimmons
4th Year Kristen Van Leeuwen, Andrew Brown, Ian Szeto, Marissa Carman, Jason Gray
2011-2012 Recipients
1st Year Nathan Gravelle
2nd Year James Higginson
3rd Year Ian Szeto, Nicholas King
4th Year Leah Armstrong, Kristopher Brown, Alisa Di Benedetto, Kim Tait
2010-2011 Recipients
1st Year Paul Cianfrini
2nd Year Nicholas King
3rd Year Leah Armstrong
4th Year Derek Clouatre, Miranda Hunt, Dawn S. Lambe, Morgan Marchant, Kelsey Pletzer
2009-2010 Recipients
1st Year Jaqueline Slaman
2nd Year Leah Armstrong, Dawn S. Lambe
3rd Year Sheldon Root
4th Year Justin Chartrand, Paulo Carvalho, Emily Richards, Rachel Roy
2008-2009 Recipients
1st Year Leah Armstrong
2nd Year Mitchell Crown
3rd Year Rachel Roy
4th Year Matthew Bradley, Sean Feretycki, Stephanie McGinnis, Chris Waddell, Ryan Webster
2007-2008 Recipients
1st Year Morgan Marchant
2nd Year Justin Chartrand, Don Lord
3rd Year Matthew Bradley
4th Year Geoff Brown, Dawn Carlyle, Bruno Prazeres, Joel Russell, Leslie Wardley
2006-2007 Recipients
1st Year Justin Chartrand
2nd Year Stephanie McGinnis
3rd Year Leslie Wardley
4th Year Christie Hayne, Ryan Briggs, Amy Timmons, Chela Breckon, Joel Ahrens
2005-2006 Recipients
1st Year Stephanie McGinnis, Jennifer Wong
2nd Year Sean Feretycki
3rd Year Christie Hayne
4th Year Lindsay Pepin, Melissa Toupin-Laforge
2004-2005 Recipients
1st Year Dawn Carlyle
2nd Year Christie Hayne
3rd Year Lindsay Pepin
4th Year Kristy Phillips
2003-2004 Recipients
1st Year Julie Laperriere
2nd Year Derek Stacey, Melissa Toupin-Laforge
3rd Year Jacqueline Emes
4th Year Shannon Brown
2002-2003 Recipients
1st Year Derek Stacey
2nd Year Jacques Ouelette
3rd Year Amanda Wallance, Shannon Brown
4th Year Stephanie McGarry
2001-2002 Recipients
1st Year Donna Mitchell
2nd Year Shannon Brown
3rd Year Laureen Flinders
4th Year Karol Douglas

Peer Recognition for Excellence Award

The Peer Recognition award goes to the student chosen by his or her peers of the fourth year graduating class, as that student who best exemplifies the values of the Code of Excellence for The School of Business: professionalism, participation, academic integrity and excellence.

2022-2023 Recipient: Rachel Morin

Past Peer Recognition Award Recipients

2021-2022 Darian Hemsworth
2020-2021 Shawn Page
2019-2020 Not Awarded due to Pandemic
2018-2019 Abbey Thompson
2017-2018 Connor Musselman
2016-2017 Aaron Veley
2015-2016 Emily Bond
2014-2015 Kurt Tempelmans-Plat
2013-2014 David Jackson
2012-2013 Marissa Carman
2011-2012 Lisa Snider


Vanessa Garvin


Justin Chartrand


Matthew Bradley


Dawn Carlyle


Christie Hayne


Curtis Smith, Lindsay Pepin, Melissa Toupin-Laforge


Not awarded


Joey McNally


Vincent K Yeung

2001-2002 Adam Schure

Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award

This award is presented to a student in the Business program, as nominated and selected by the faculty of the School of Business, who shows potential in the field of entrepreneurship.

2021-2022 Recipient: Kobe Seguin

Past Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award Recipients

2020-2021 Andrew Lundrigan
2019-2020 Chris Coughlin
2018-2019 Olivia Hall
2017-2018 Tealia Carrier
2016-2017 Jeremy Butterworth

Post-Baccalaureate Leader Award

This award is presented to the student in the Post-Baccalaureate, from each year, who best exemplifies the values of the Code of Excellence for The School of Business: professionalism, participation, academic integrity and excellence.

2022-2023 Recipients

1st Year Ishwariya Ramakrishnan

2nd Year Sabah Khan

Past Post-Baccalaureate Leader Award Recipients

2021-2022 Sabah Khan
2020-2021 Aamil Mohammed Ferhath
2019-2020 Aamil Mohammed Ferhath

Post-Baccalaureate Peer Recognition for Excellence Award:

The Post-Baccalaureate Peer Recognition award goes to the Post-Baccalaureate student chosen by his or her peers of their graduating class, as the student who best exemplifies the values of the Code of Excellence for the School of Business: professionalism, participation, academic integrity and excellence.

2022-2023 Recipient: Tushar Sethi

The Stockfish Family Start-Up Competition reflects the entrepreneurial spirit that initially brought George and Lynn Stockfish to North Bay in 1976. This Competition began in 2019 and is intended to encourage ambitious entrepreneurship students in the School of Business at Nipissing University. Students compete on the basis of a business plan they create in a course and present it to an esteemed panel of successful entrepreneurs. It is an exciting and prestigious event made possible by a generous donation from the Stockfish family. 

Here are the inaugural 2019 Competition Winners. Congratulations!

1st Place Stockfish Competition

1st Place - ADU
2nd Place Stockfish Competition

2nd Place - Robertson Pool Co.
3rd Place Stockfish Competition

3rd Place - Lensly