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International and Exchange students can find information here about job seeking, Canadianizing their resume/cover letter, Visas, etc.

Nipissing University International Student Support Office

Important Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) News

International students can face many challenges when looking for work in Canada.  Despite the obstacles, obtaining employment can be a rewarding experience, personally and financially.  Please visit Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada for the most up-to-date information.

Have you graduated & Do you want to stay longer to work in Canada?

Job Search Resources

CASIP (Consortium of Agencies Serving Immigrant Professionals)
CASIP is a consortium of independent, community-based agencies and colleges who deliver employment and training services to skilled immigrant job seekers and to employers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

New Canadian Jobs
New Canadian Jobs is a national specialized online employment network that seeks to help newcomers to Canada and newly arrived Canadian immigrants find suitable employment.

Newcomers Canada
Job search engine for newcomers to Canada.

Newcomer Women's Services of Toronto
They provide employment and settlement services, skills development for all genders, and women-only English classes.

World Skills Employment Centre
World Skills is a non-profit employment centre dedicated exclusively to the employment needs of newcomers and to the needs of the local labour market.

Hear from International Students about their Experiences:

While big cities are coloured with opportunities and big companies easily assign a considerable amount of money to expand and hire new employees, small towns like North Bay in North America are based on support for local businesses. Local entrepreneurs from farmers' markets and kitchens to local clothing brands are offering amazing quality. Also, small positions if you are lucky enough to reach out to them and ask if they need a frisky adventurer like you. Moreover, the policies of the big companies such as endless demands for work harder does not apply for local businesses whereas you will find life-long friendship and support for the best.

Surprisingly, there are many positions filling by students in Nipissing University's small campus that makes student life bearable in North Bay.

Moreover, there are very kind people working in this school (teachers and executives) who take international students under their wings and help them to overcome obstacles by facilitating solutions for them. The International Student Office, Nipissing University Students Union, Student Learning and Transitions, Student Financial Services, and the Athletic Center are some of the places that were valuable in assisting me in finding solutions for my hindrances.

Khashayar Abbasabadi
MSc Kinesiology, 2021

 My experience as a student (mature student), was that I had to wait at least 5 months to get a job. I didn't know how to approach the work industry in the right way. I used to apply for a job and sit and wait for a reply. My advice to you, is to start early. Write a good resume, apply to jobs posted on Indeed or directly in the company's official websites. Don't wait! Ask your friends if they have any suggestions. Keep an open mind and be ready to work in any job. You can always change jobs when you get a better one.

Suni Chandran Sushama
Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management, 2021