Practicum II Frequently Asked Questions

Practicum II classes are scheduled on your timetable. All pertinent information related to the practicum will provided in these classes. Attendance is mandatory. 

Will I get my first school board choice?

Although we make every effort to assign candidates to their first school board choice, it is not always possible. The board from which you graduated, your division and your teaching subjects all play a large role in deciding on the area in which to place you. In addition, many school boards have a very limited number of placement spaces available. Sometimes it is necessary to place candidates in their second or third choice.

I just found out that I may be relocating. Can I change my school board any time during the year?

Once you have been assigned to a school board, you will complete all weeks of your practicum within that board in that academic year. Changes will not be made for any reason.

I haven’t received my placement yet. When will I receive it?

You will be notified of your school board assignment, via email, in the summer. Specific details regarding your placement (i.e. school, associate teacher and grade/subject) will be released beginning in the fall as they become available. Please check WebAdvisor regularly for important placement updates. Please also ensure that your personal information (i.e. address and phone number) is current on WebAdvisor, in the event that we need to contact you. 

My friend is in the BEd program and has received a placement already. Why haven’t I?

The Practicum Office receives new placements from school boards on a regular basis. Placement details will be released to candidates as they become available (please see previous FAQ)

If I am not satisfied with the placement I received. Can my placement be changed?

The Practicum Office is unable to approve individual requests for placement change based on the personal circumstances of candidates; however, if you believe there is an error in where you have been placed, please contact the Practicum Office as soon as possible. 

My placement is too far from where I will be living and I don’t have a driver’s license. Can my placement be changed?

Candidates may be placed anywhere within the geographic boundaries of their placement board and are responsible for making the necessary arrangements for housing and travel. A long commute (an hour or more) should be expected. Changes to placements will not be made for candidates who do not have access to a vehicle, a driver’s license or who are placed in an area that is not accessible by public transportation. 

Can I arrange my own placement or request a specific placement?

The Practicum Office is responsible for arranging placements and does not accept requests for specific placements i.e. a particular school, teacher and/or grade/subject. Candidates must not undertake negotiations for a placement on their own behalf. 

I am a Junior/Intermediate candidate. Will I be placed in gr. 9-10 in my teaching subject? 

School boards are asked to place J/I candidates in junior grades, as well as intermediate grades. For intermediate, some candidates will be placed in gr. 7-8 and others in gr. 9-10. If you are placed in gr. 7-8, you will be expected to teach all subjects, not just your teaching subject. Many J/I candidates will complete their intermediate placement in a gr. 7-8 setting. 

I am an Intermediate/Senior candidate. Will all of my placements be in a high school? Will I have a placement in both of my teaching subjects? 

As an I/S candidate, you could be placed in grades 7-12. If you are placed in gr. 7-8, you will be expected to teach all subjects, not just your teaching subjects. Over the course of the two-year program, I/S candidates will have at least one placement in a high school in at least one of their teaching subjects. 

If I am assigned to a Catholic school board, will I be required to provide a pastoral reference?

Candidates assigned to a Catholic school board may be required to provide a pastoral reference for placement purposes. These candidates will be contacted by the Practicum Office. 

Once I am in the program, how will I receive important practicum information?

We will communicate with you through your Nipissing University email account. Candidates are required to check their Nipissing University email account daily. Official and urgent notices will be sent directly to this address. Associate teachers and faculty advisors will also be given this email address for communication purposes.