Residence Life

The 2024/25 Residence application opens on January 23rd, 2024.  Click on Apply to Residence for more details. 

Welcome Lakers!

Welcome to Residence Life at Nipissing University. It is our hope that your stay in residence becomes one of the most rewarding experiences of your university journey. Our goal is to provide you with a safe, comfortable living and learning environment in which you may grow as an individual and develop long lasting relationships. Our team is committed to providing you with learning opportunities outside of the classroom that will offer you personal and academic growth, and help ease your transition to university.

Residence Life Mission

The broad mission of Residence Life is to build a sense of community within our residence system, which facilitates the personal growth, and academic development of students.

Values Statement

Residence Life at Nipissing University is a significant contributor to the educational experience of our students. The Residence Life department engages students and leaders in a vibrant community to enrich the student experience. To achieve this end, the Residence Life department embraces the following values guided by the knowledge and practices of the student affairs profession.

  • Civility. We value civility. We strive to foster a culture of understanding and collective responsibility. In doing so, we challenge our students to understand the responsibilities of, and define, their own citizenship. With the recognition that students will use this awareness outside of the residence community, we promote a greater sense of globalism that extends beyond the university experience.
  • Diversity. We value a community that is diverse, based on principles of equity, justice, and tolerance. We challenge community members to recognize the rights of all individuals to mutual respect and acceptance; and to embrace differences of race, culture, religion, creed, socio-economic background, gender, and sexual orientation, without biases.
  • Innovation. We value innovation. We strive to provide an environment conducive to inquiry, in which innovation and creativity are fostered while addressing the current and future needs of our students and communities.
  • Integrity. We value integrity, honesty, and pursuit of ethical action. We uphold the dignity of our community and its members by striving for truthfulness, honour achievements, and helping those among us in need, without judgment. We foster the development of good character and provide opportunities for our community members to grow in support of one another.
  • Learning. We value learning. We strive to encourage an environment where students and leaders can be inspired to create communities of life-long learning. We develop an environment where academic and educational opportunities allow for personal and professional growth.
  • Quality. We value consistent quality work in all aspects of residence life. We are committed to a friendly and helpful approach. Our exceptional work and leadership will assist and support students while fostering the needs of the ever-changing student.
  • Wellness. We value wellness. We strive to create a community that appreciates a balanced lifestyle, one that actively promotes the benefits and practice of safer mental and physical health to all of its members. With the recognition that students will use these skills outside of the residence community, we endeavour to develop strong individuals who are purposefully engaged in their own well being.

Living in residence is all about meeting new people and exploring new ideas. It’s also about studying, socializing and making friends for life!