The Mature & Transfer Student Network

The Mature and Transfer Student Network is a transition program that supports mature students, college transfer students, and university transfer students as they complete their studies at Nipissing University.

Students in the network are put in contact with a resource person in Student Learning and Transitions to help as they get adjusted to life on campus, to act as a point of referral to other campus support services, and to provide one on one academic success coaching (focused on goal setting and academic success strategies). 

Mature Students:

  • are 20 years of age or older by the end of their first semester at Nipissing University,
  • have been away from formal education (secondary school, community college, etc.) for at least the previous two years, and
  • are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

This definition is used by Nipissing University for admissions purposes. In actuality, many students may identify as mature by virtue of having more life, educational, or professional experiences, having family or caregiving responsibilities, returning to studies after a number of years, or other additional life responsibilities. If this is you, please feel free to self-identify by emailing to opt in to support services offered by the Mature and Transfer Student Network.

College Transfer Students:

  • are students who attend college prior to enrolling at Nipissing University, and
  • may or may not have received advanced standing.

University Transfer Students are:

  • are students who have attended another university prior to enrolling at Nipissing University, and
  • may or may not have received transfer credit(s).

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Coping with COVID19 Webinar: 

Left: feet at a home door mat. Right: Rocks balancing on top of one another. Text: Wearing Different Hats at Home: Coping with Competing Demands During COVID19



Title: Wearing Different Hats at Home: Coping with Competing Demands During COVID-19 Webinar
Presenters: Danielle Morrow & Samantha Fraser 

Webinar Description: As a result of COVID-19, we are all spending more time at home and thereby often experiencing an increase of expectations (from others and from ourselves). With the potential belief that we should be able to seamlessly navigate the different roles we are in – as students, parents, family members, helpers, teachers, etc. – and to do so in a “certain” way, feelings of stress, anxiety, and/or low mood may be one of the most difficult aspects to experience. This short webinar aims to validate all ranges and types emotions that come with managing uncertainty and coping with the unexpected/competing demands that we now face. Focusing on themes of “controlling the controllables” (and how the heck do I do that?) in addition to practicing self-compassion, we hope to have you walk away with some practical tools and resources to help you focus on what you want/need to get done and permission to let go of the rest. Additionally, we hope that you will also leave with the knowledge that there is further support available in Student Development and Services (and how to access them) with a reassurance that we are all in this together.

For a copy of the webinar resources, email