Mature & Transfer Student Supports

Mature and Transfer Student Support is a transition service that supports mature students, college transfer students, and university transfer students as they complete their studies at Nipissing University.

Students can get in contact with Hillary Neill in Student Learning and Transitions to help as they get adjusted to life on campus, to act as a point of referral to other campus support services, and to provide one on one academic success coaching (focused on goal setting and academic success strategies). 

Mature Students:

  • are 20 years of age or older by the end of their first semester at Nipissing University,
  • have been away from formal education (secondary school, community college, etc.) for at least the previous two years, and
  • are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

This definition is used by Nipissing University for admissions purposes. In actuality, many students may identify as mature by virtue of having more life, educational, or professional experiences, having family or caregiving responsibilities, returning to studies after a number of years, or other additional life responsibilities.

College Transfer Students:

  • are students who attend college prior to enrolling at Nipissing University, and
  • may or may not have received advanced standing.

University Transfer Students:

  • are students who have attended another university prior to enrolling at Nipissing University, and
  • are may or may not have received transfer credit(s).

Current students looking for academic or transition support can reach out to the Student Experience Coordinator (Transfer Student Success), Hillary Neill, via

Prospective students considering enrolling at NU can connect with a Student Recruitment Officer via

For questions about transfer credits, reach out to the Pathway Development Coordinator, Marney Leclerc, via