Graduate Student Travel Funding

Nipissing University’s School of Graduate Studies provides financial support to eligible students who will be actively presenting their research at an academic conference.


i) This funding is available to Masters and Doctoral level students in good academic standing, registered in their program at the time of the conference.

ii) Students must be presenting (a paper or a poster) at the conference (you will not be provided with funding to attend a conference as a delegate).

iii) Students will be awarded a maximum of one award per academic year.  A student can apply more than once – for example, if you were not successful in the October cycle, you may apply in the February cycle, but you will not be awarded funding more than once per year.  Even if you are planning to present at more than one conference, you will not be given more than one award.

Funding Cycles

There will be two rounds of funding for the academic year, with applications due on October 15th, and February 15th each year. A maximum of $2,500 will be awarded in October, and a minimum of $2,500 will be awarded in February (if there is unallocated money from October it will be added to February’s $2,500). Applications can be submitted retroactively, so long as adequate evidence of travel and conference attendance is provided, and the applicant was a registered student at the time of the conference. Please note that submitting an application is not a guarantee of funding; an applicant may not receive the full amount (or indeed any amount). The maximum amount that can be requested is $500.00

Evaluation of Applications

Applications are reviewed by the School of Graduate Studies' Awards & Funding Committee and ranked according to: distance travelled, cost of the conference, funds available from other sources, evidence of seeking other funds to support travel costs, and the value of the conference presentation to the student.

Claiming Graduate Student Travel Award

All claims and expenses must adhere to Nipissing University’s travel policy. The travel regulations can be found here.

If driving, it is expected that a student will research and choose the most cost effective means of travel, for example renting a vehicle vs. driving one’s own. Please see travel policy for details.

How to Apply

Please complete the Graduate Student Travel Funding application form below.  Submit the completed application and supporting documentation directly to the School of Graduate Studies at or in A206.