Virtual Computer Labs

Nipissing University - Virtual Computer Labs

Section I - Accessing Nipissing University’s Virtual Computer Labs
There are two ways to access Nipissing’s virtual computer labs: 
  • Coming Soon! - Through the website. Click the “Virtual Computer Labs” link once you have logged in 
  • Directly via  (Important - please note that the labs redirect link uses http, not https)

If you select the second option (direct link), then you will be presented with a generic Microsoft login window prompting you for a username as shown below:

Microsoft Login Scren


Enter your full Nipissing Single Sign-On (SSO) username here. It is your full email address. 

SSO Password screen


Once you have logged in, you will see the different lab resources available to you. In most cases, you will select “General Lab”. If you are a Geography student, you will see “Geography Lab” as well. Please use the “General Lab” if you do not need access to Geography software. 

Virtual Labs - Resources


Once you have selected a lab, you will be asked which local resources you wish to share. Please select the default options here.

Access to local resources


Enter your Nipissing Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials once again when prompted.

Virtual Labs - Enter credentials


Once you have entered your credentials and have clicked “Submit”, the virtual lab with load. You will be presented with your desktop once your profile has loaded.

Virtual Lab - Desktop



When you have completed your work on the virtual lab, please log out of the lab machine by doing the following: 

  • Click the “Start” button 
  • Click on your name 
  • Click “Sign Out” 
Section II – Using Microsoft OneDrive on Nipissing University’s Virtual Computer Labs

It is imperative that you save your files on OneDrive to ensure ease of access and prevent data loss.  
To ensure OneDrive is running, you can open Windows File Explorer and see it appears. You should see a “OneDrive – Nipissing University” node visible as shown in the following screenshot:


If you see this, you can readily save all your files here and they will be accessible anytime you login to your MS 365 account. 

If, however, the “OneDrive – Nipissing University” node is not visible, perform the following steps: 

  1. Open the OneDrive application from the Windows “Start” menu 

    Start Menu - OneDrive


  2. Log into OneDrive with your Single Sign-On credentials as noted in Section I. 


    OneDrive - Enter your Nipissing SSO credentials


  3. Follow the prompts to complete the setup. The “OneDrive – Nipissing University” node should now be visible in Windows File Explorer.