Institutional Planning and Analysis

Nipissing University is committed to providing a personalized student experience within a collegial learning community dedicated to creativity, innovation and excellence in teaching, research and scholarly activities. This is our vision, and a key part of the mission statement supporting that vision is that Nipissing University will be accountable to the many stakeholders it serves and provide “a transparent and collegial decision-making process”. 

Institutional Survey Request Form

Members of the Nipissing University community (students, faculty and staff) who wish to conduct a survey of Nipissing University students, staff, faculty, applicants or alumni that asks for information about their use of, or experience with, Nipissing University facilities (includes physical facilities, programs, research, academics, personnel, management and environment, among others) are required to submit a proposal to the Survey Management Committee for approval in accordance with our Survey Management Policy.

Any person or group wishing to conduct a survey as described above must complete the Institutional Survey Request Form. Proposals are to be submitted well in advance of the intended start date of the survey to allow ample time for review; a lead time of six weeks is recommended.

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