Upper Years

Upper-year Students

The tool below provides instant access to general information about what courses to take in certain years of their program, as well as some basic information about Minors, Concurrent Education, and planning for an International Exchange.

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While this feature is not tied to your individual academic record many students will be able to use this tool as a guide for planning their second and third years. Students who have transfer credits or who are completing their degree at a unique pace (due to a late program change, failed courses, etc.) are welcome to use this tool for information but should also contact an advisor to discuss how the general information it gives may need to be modified to reflect their individual situation.

Typically, students follow the Academic Calendar for the year in which they were admitted to the university, although if there are program changes in subsequent years, students can follow the new program rules. Students must, however, follow all the degree and program requirements from a single Calendar year. 

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