Staff and Faculty Gmail to Outlook Migration

This spring, the University will begin to move its email and calendaring from Gmail to MS Outlook. Please be assured that, similar to the student email migration experience, other Google services such as Google Drive will remain accessible for the foreseeable future.  

UTS will work closely with each administrative department and Dean’s office to facilitate a smooth transition to this new platform. 

Benefits of migrating to MS Outlook 

  • Enhanced integration with existing MS Office applications, particularly MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint 
  • Enhanced integration with newer MS 365 tools, including Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint 
  • Improved virtual meeting support in Microsoft Teams via the Outlook calendaring features 
  • Secure access to data and services via a suite of integrated mobile applications 
  • Superior offline laptop support for employees who edit files offline at home or on the go 
  • Improved account and data protection features 

Visit to learn more about MS Outlook’s features and capabilities 

What data is being migrated? 

All email and calendar data from all employees as well as all shared email accounts will be migrated. All identified Google groups will also be migrated, including all content where appropriate. 

When will my email be migrated? 

UTS will work with each administrative department and Dean’s office to ensure that a suitable timeline for the migration is chosen.  

The process will start with an initial meeting to provide further details of the migration process, to gather information needed for the UTS pre migration planning stage, to answer any questions and to discuss migration dates.  

What do I need to do in preparation for the migration? 

UTS will be providing a ‘MS Outlook Migration’ spreadsheet to each administrative department and Dean’s office, to gather information on email use within that area. This information is needed as part of the pre-migration planning stage.  

This is also a good time to delete any unneeded emails.  

I have questions 

The UTS team looks forward to answering all questions as we begin to work directly with the various departments and Dean’s offices. We are also happy to attend regular departmental or faculty meetings. Immediate questions can be submitted to