BSWD Information

What is the BSWD? 

The Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD) and the Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Students with Disabilities (CSG-DSE) help full and part-time post-secondary students pay for their disability-related educational services and equipment needed to participate in post-secondary studies.

The BSWD/CSG-DSE is a program funded through the Ontario and Canadian governments. If you receive financial aid from another province or territory please contact their office to learn more about the disability-related programs that may be available to you. 

BSWD Deadlines:

BSWD/CSG-DSE has deadlines for submission of paperwork. All documents must be reviewed by Student Accessibility Services and submitted to the Financial Aid Office to be considered for funding by the following dates.

Fall 2024 Deadline:

Friday, October 20th 2024
  • For students enrolled only in the Fall 2024 semester; or
  • For students who are applying for a Fall 2024 semester course-specific service (e.g., tutoring)

Winter 2025 Deadline:

Friday, February 24th 2025
  • For students enrolled only in the Winter 2025 semester
  • For students enrolled in both Fall 2024/Winter 2025 semesters

What you Need to Know about the BSWD?

Am I Eligible?

To be considered:

  • You have self-identified and are verified (by submitting a Disability Verification Form) as having a permanent, persistent or prolonged disability with OSAP.
  • You have applied for and are eligible for OSAP funding and have at least $1 in calculated need
  • You have a disability-related educational cost for services or equipment and require these services or equipment to participate in post-secondary studies (verified by medical documentation)
  • You must be registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

All requests for disability-related services or equipment must be assessed by an accessibility consultant in SAS to ensure they meet requirements set out by the Ministry. Contact your Accessibility Consultant to discuss your eligibility for specific items and services.

How Much Funding Might I Receive?

The amount of funding you may receive depends on the costs of the eligible disability-related educational services and equipment you need. If you have a permanent disability or a persistent or prolonged disability you may be considered for funding from the BSWD and the CSG-DSE. 

Each eligible service or equipment request is considered based on your specific disability-related functional limitations. Information provided by your healthcare provider (physician or other regulated health care professional) and from Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is used to determine eligibility.

You may be provided funding for all or a portion of the costs of the eligible services or equipment requested. Approved funding for eligible items is subject to maximum limits, so it is possible that not all your costs will be covered.

All final decisions regarding funding approval are made solely by the provincial and/or federal funding providers.

Non-Eligible Expenses

  • Costs that you incur as part of your participation in post-secondary studies, such as textbooks, living expenses, or a computer to access virtual courses or run specific programs/software required for all students in the course 
  • Disability-related expenses you would incur regardless of your participation in post-secondary studies, such as hearing aids, which are required for daily life activities.

What do I need to know?

  • Not all disability-related services and equipment are eligible for funding
  • Funds can only be used for items and/or services approved in your BSWD application.
  • Every approved item has a fixed purchase amount. If you choose to spend over the allotted amount, it is your financial responsibility to cover the difference.  
  • Funds must be used for the purchase indicated.  It cannot be used towards any other purchase or for living expenses.
  • Unused BSWD funds must be returned after all purchases are made and cannot be carried forward to another academic session.
  • As funding is not guaranteed we advise against purchasing any services or items in advance of receiving your funds.
  • If your academic status and/or course enrollment has changed since you submitted your application, do not deposit/use the funds. Contact Student Financial Services to determine the next steps.

Psychoeducational Assessments:

  • Some students are required to get a psychoeducational assessment to access accommodations or certain services/equipment. This need must be determined by your Accessibility Consultant before proceeding.
  • The costs of a psychoeducational assessment may be eligible for funding through the BSWD and/or CSG-DSE. To be considered for reimbursement, your assessment must have taken place no more than 6 months before your study start date.
  • You are required to have the psychologist who completed your psychoeducational assessment complete a  (PDF file) Disability Verification Form (DVF) (external link). This form MUST be completed by an individual with authority to complete the form. 
  • Once completed, scan and upload the DVF in PDF format to your OSAP application so that Student Financial Services office can confirm your disability status and process your BSWD application.
  • Students are required to obtain a receipt for the full payment of the assessment. Once you have the receipt you must submit the receipt to your health insurance provider (either the student health plan or private health insurance) within three (3) days
  • Students are then required to provide Student Accessibility Services with the receipt for the payment of the Psychoeducational Assessment and confirmation of insurance payment/denial.
  • Once received, an Accessibility Consultant will assist you in completing the BSWD/CSG application so you can be considered for reimbursement. This must be submitted (with ALL supporting documents) within 6 months of the assessment and before the BSWD/CSG year-end due date/SAS Internal Deadline of January 24th, 2025