Blackboard Learn Technical Information

Important Technical Information for Students Enrolled in Online Courses

Course Start and Access

NOTE: Students are expected to participate in the online discussions through Blackboard Learn from the FIRST DAY. Online courses through Blackboard Learn do not lend themselves well to extended absences of one week or more.  Online course instructors expect students to participate in the online discussions consistently EVERY WEEK according to the course outline/schedule.  Instructors assign marks for online participation. If the student misses too much of the online discussion, the instructor may ask the student to withdraw from the course.

Some instructors e-mail course information to students in advance of the course start date and others do not.  Regardless of whether or not you have received information from the instructor, if you registered for the course properly in WebAdvisor (check your class schedule) you will be on the instructor's class list.  Log in to Blackboard Learn on the first day as indicated above to start participating.  The instructor will have information on the course requirements available in Blackboard.   If you wish, you may contact the instructor in advance of the course start date.​​​

You will not have access to your course until approximately two days before the course start date (please note, Blackboard may take up to 24 hours to process new registrations). At that time, please login to Blackboard and click the hyperlinked code of the appropriate course(s). If you still do not have access please e-mail to be added to your course.

To log into Blackboard, use your WebAdvisor username and password.

Technical Requirements

Internet Connection: Students must have regular and unrestricted access to a reliable high-speed Internet connection (DSL, cable, wire/wireless campus network).

System:​ Please go to the Compatibility Check page to check if your system's OS, browser and Java plug-in are compatible with Blackboard.

If you wish to use a mobile device to access your course, you will need the Blackboard app for your device:

For the log in procedures please click on the link to Blackboard Online Users' Guide​.