Moving out of Residence - Information and Instructions

As stated in the “Conditions of Accepting a Room in Residence” section in the Residence Contract, all residents must vacate their rooms within 48 hours following the date of their final examination, test, class or on campus commitment as recorded by the Registrars' Office at the end of the term. The Residence Office will be collecting this information from the Registrar's Office.

Residents requesting to stay beyond 48 hours following the date of their final examination test, class or on campus commitment must complete the April Departure Closure Notice form which is provided in the End of Year Move Out Departure Notice emailed to all residents in early March. All requests will be acknowledged, however, not all requests received will be granted.

Quiet Hours

December Exam Period

Beginning on Sunday, December 3rd, 2023 at 11:00 pm and throughout the examination schedule, 23-hour quiet hours will be in effect. There will be a half-hour break from 5:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and again from 9:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. - all other times are quiet hours. 

April Exam Period

Beginning on Sunday, April 7th, 2024 at 11:00 pm and throughout the examination schedule, 23-hour quiet hours will be in effect. There will be a half-hour break from 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm and again from 9:30 pm to 10:00 pm for relaxed quiet hours; all other times are quiet hours. Please be considerate of your roommates and neighbours who are busy studying for exams and completing other academic assignments.


Residents are reminded that overnight guests are NOT permitted in residence during the examination periods - December 7th to December 21st, 2023 and April 10th to April 26th, 2024.

Summer Accommodations - May to August 2024

Residents wishing to stay in residence beyond the terms of their contract departure date and the residence closure date (TBD pending final exam schedule), e.g. summer courses, working in North Bay for the summer, must make arrangements for summer accommodations through the Summer Accommodations department. Inquiries can be directed to Residents must submit their formal request through an application form which will be available in early March 2024. Residents who are approved can remain in Residence until their summer tenancy begins.


Garbage, Recycling & Forgotten/Unwanted Items

Please ensure that all personal belongings, garbage and recycling are removed from your suite/townhouse prior to your check out.

All items for garbage and recycling (e.g. cans, plastics, glass, newspapers, and cardboard) should be sorted into the proper garbage and recycling containers.

Any item(s) that a resident leaves behind, that are recovered from a bedroom/suite/townhouse by Residence Life, will be kept and stored for 14 days following the move out date. To claim a forgotten item, the resident must send an email to describing the item and make arrangements for its retrieval. The University is not responsible for any forgotten items left by a resident; we strongly encourage every resident to do a thorough check of their room before moving out.

Please be advised that items such as electronics (e.g., televisions, printers) and furniture are not permitted to be disposed of within the garbage bins located within residence. Residents are responsible for properly disposing of such items themselves. Items left behind or disposed of improperly will result in a conduct charge applied to the residents student account.

Any items (personal, garbage or recycling) that are left in a room/suite will be subject to a removal fee.

Donation tables will be set up on the lobby of each complex. Residents may donate their unwanted items to this table in the form of clothing suitable for reuse, unopened non-perishable food items, general housewares and school supplies. These items will be donated to local charities on your behalf. Please note electronics and furniture cannot be left at donation tables.


Residents are advised to change their forwarding address on both WebAdvisor and with companies they receive mail from (such as Amazon). All mail delivered to Residence after the date of a residents departure will be marked as “Return to Sender”.

Cleaning Expectations & Pre Move-out Considerations

Residents are expected to leave their suite/townhouse/bedroom in the same condition as when they arrived. Click HERE to access a cleaning checklist and furniture placement document. Furniture must be returned to original locations and beds to original height. Any changes to the condition of the suite/townhouse/bedroom or any missing/damaged items and/or furnishings will be charged to the resident(s) student account(s).

Residents are expected to complete their cleaning requirements and removal of personal belongings in person. If you plan to contract a third-party moving company, you are required to get prior approval from the Residence Life Supervisor of your complex. Residents failing to get approval from their Residence Life Supervisor may incur additional item removal fees as unexpected third-party movers will not be allowed into our secure buildings.

Townhouse Residents please note that due to unpredictable impact of weather, and resultant safety concerns, the Townhouse gate will NOT be unlocked during the move out period. Large green garden carts will be available at the office for loan using your student card in order to aid in the transport of large items to the parking area. Parking in the townhouse circle parking lot (Lot #15) during the move-out period should only be during loading, and residents are reminded not to park in front of the gate as this is an emergency/fire route.  Accessing the Townhouse circle without permission from the Residence Life department may result in immediate ticketing, or tow at the owner's expense.

Check out procedure

When you are ready to vacate your residence room and suite/townhouse and have completed all of the pre-move out steps (i.e. having all of your personal belongings out and the space is clean) please visit the front desk to finalize your move-out. When moving out you will be asked to review the final move-out steps list posted at the front desk and confirm that you have completed all necessary actions. Submitting your keys will be the final step of your move-out process prior to departure.

You are encouraged to make yourself aware of the front desk hours in your complex as you plan your departure. If the front desk is closed at the time of your departure, please follow the posted instructions about confirming your check out steps and handing in your keys. Only after you have departed will the final inspection, where damage & cleaning assessments are completed, take place.

Maintenance & Damage / Cleaning Inspection

The final inspection is where Residence Staff will determine the cost of any necessary cleaning, repair or replacement charges. Residence Life Staff will record any changes to your bedroom/suite/townhouse by comparing the condition recorded on the Residence Common Area Inventory form and Resident’s Bedroom Inventory form. Residents were given the opportunity to complete both forms when they gained occupancy. These costs, if any, will be deducted from the $100.00 damage deposit paid at the beginning of the application process.

All residents assigned to the suite are jointly responsible for the condition of the common areas in their suite/townhouse. If damage has occurred that is the responsibility of one or more residents, those persons should have this recorded on a Damage Accountability form (available at the front desk of each complex) and submitted to the Residence Clerk located in the Residence Office of your complex.  Otherwise, all residents will be held equally accountable for the damage.

Detailed information about any charges/reimbursements will be outlined in a damage assessment that will be posted to your WebAdvisor account.  An email will be sent to your Nipissing University student account notifying you that your damage assessment has been posted on WebAdvisor for review.

  • If it was determined that your suite/house and bedroom did not have damages/cleaning fees, a refund of your residence damage deposit currently on account may be issued to you via the direct deposit option.
  • If it was determined that your suite/house or bedroom had damages/cleaning charges, the charges will be deducted from your residence damage deposit currently on account with the Finance Office. A refund of the remainder of the damage deposit may be issued to you via the direct deposit option.
  • For further clarification please reach out to the Finance Office directly at Please allow 4-6 weeks from the time your Assessment is posted on WebAdvisor for processing.

The Finance Office has introduced a direct deposit option that will make the process more efficient.  Please see the set up instructions below. 


  • Log on to WebAdvisor and click on View/Update Banking Information.
  • Click +Add an Account, then activate Refund, Reimbursement & Payment Deposit and click Next.
  • Fill in all required fields and check the box to agree to the terms and conditions at the bottom.

If direct deposit information is not on file at the time a refund is processed, a cheque will be printed and mailed to the home address listed on Web Advisor. Please ensure your address is up to date in WebAdvisor.

If it was determined that your suite/house or bedroom had damages/cleaning charges that will exceeded your $100 damage deposit currently on account with our Finance Office, payment must be made directly to Nipissing University, Finance Department.

Residence Administration or Conduct Charges - If you incurred any miscellaneous charges throughout the year, such as a lost set of keys, conduct charges, cleaning charges due to conduct matters, or items for which you have taken damage accountability, your charges will be listed on the Residence Administration or Conduct Charges line.

Information and instructions on how to submit an appeal of you damage charges will be included in the email notifying you that your assessment is available on WebAdvisor for you to review.