Current Students

Nipissing would like to thank our students for consistently rating us high in student satisfaction surveys! 

The Globe and Mail 2011 University Report

  • Nipissing Ranked First for Student Residences

Received “A” grades for:

  • Quality of Education
  • Student Faculty Interaction
  • Class Size
  • Campus Atmosphere

In the Top Five for:

  • Career Preparation
  • Buildings and Facilities

The MacLean’s 2010 Student Survey:*

  • 93% of Nipissing Students Strongly Agree/Agree that they are satisfied with the quality of teaching received (CUSC)
  • 90% of our Students are Very Satisfied/Satisfied with their decision to attend Nipissing (CUSC)
  • 91% of first –year students and 90% of senior students evaluated their entire educational experience at Nipissing as Excellent/Good (NSSE)
  • 89% of first-year students and 87% of senior-year students indicated a Definite Yes/Probably Yes to going to Nipissing if they could start over (NSSE)


*SOURCES: The Canadian University Consortium (CUSC) survey, and the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)