Accessibility Advisory Committee

Mandate of the Nipissing University Accessibility Advisory Committee (NUAAC)

To ensure the equitable access and inclusion of individuals with disabilities in all aspects of campus life, including education, facilities, technology, services, and others.

  • Promote awareness and understanding of accessibility-related issues on campus.
  • Advise and be involved in the development, implementation and monitoring of policies, procedures, and practices that enhance accessibility.
  • Identify accessibility concerns, investigate, and respond appropriately.
  • Foster a culture of inclusion by addressing barriers to accessibility.
  • Ensure compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), and other applicable legislation.
  • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to identify and address accessibility challenges.

Membership, 2023-2024

Angela Nicholls Manager, Student Accessibility Services Ext. 4235
Carrie Duchesne Administrator, Human Resources (Recording Secretary)  Ext. 4253
Glen Sharpe Faculty of Education & Professional Studies Ext. 4170
Harikesh Panchal NUSU Vice-President, Advocacy & Awareness Ext. 4303
Heather Hersemeyer Director, University Technology Services Ext. 4346
Mike Dupelle Manager, Digital Media & Strategies Ext. 4494
Nancy Black Executive Director, Library Services Ext. 4220
Nancy Stevens Faculty of Arts & Science Ext. 4850
Paul Ritter Marketing, Web Developer Ext. 4917
Robert Brownlee Marketing, Web Developer Ext. 4607
Terry Kirkby Manager, Contracts & Projects Ext. 4505
Traci Malkowski Human Resources & Equity Advisor (Chair) Ext. 4066
Vacant Office of the Dean of Teaching  
Vacant Assistant Vice-President, Students