Vision Statement and Goals

Vision Statement

We are committed to providing a personalized student experience within a collegial learning community dedicated to creativity, innovation, and excellence in teaching, research, and scholarly activities.

Our Conception of Literacy

Our conception of "literacy" is a wide-ranging one, embracing the numerous literacies required of individuals in the 21st century.

We promote a dynamic understanding of literacy acquisition and development and endorse literacy practices that encourage the development of creative, critical thinkers. 

We believe that what is important and useful to diverse learners requires multiple approaches to teaching, learning, and assessment. As expressed in the UNESCO statement, “literacy must be seen as an activity embedded in social and cultural practice.”

Our Goals

  • to provide leadership in language and literacy education through collaboration, advocacy and communication 
  • to develop a literacy network and provide a forum for pursuing language and literacy research 
  • to promote effective literacy practice through research in pre-service, in-service, and graduate teacher education
  • to share and disseminate innovative research findings which may inform and enhance classroom practice
  • to liaise with other literacy organizations and to establish community partnerships to further the development of literacy
  • to promote socio-cultural awareness of contemporary classroom complexities
  • to provide professional development for teachers, administrators, and teacher educators