Academic Integrity

Collage of three photos. First photo is a person sitting on a black leather couch, holding a book open, typing on a computer. Second photo is faculty presenting to a lecture hall full of students. Third photo is a selfie of a group of four students sitting side by side at a table in a classroom.

Academic integrity is all about demonstrating your commitment to the academic process. It’s about being trustworthy and honest. It’s about giving credit to the researchers and writers you’ve learned from. This isn’t a subject you should avoid; You should show your commitment to academic integrity at every opportunity!

Explore the resources and FAQs below, then take our quiz to test your knowledge on the topic. If you have questions about citing or you would like one-on-one support, book an appointment with a Student Learning Coordinator!

Academic Integrity Resources for Students

These resources help to outline the process for students who receive a notification of academic misconduct.

Academic Integrity Resources for Faculty

These resources help to outline the process for professors to identify and notify students of academic misconduct.