Master of Science Mathematics admissions

The Master of Science in Mathematics program consists of course work plus a Thesis or Major Research Paper (MRP) and is offered as both a one-year full-time program as well as on a flex-time basis.  Our program trains students for future work in research, industry, business, or government, and provides a strong background in foundational areas of mathematics.  Our faculty members are experts in topology, analysis, combinatorics and graph theory, industrial and applied mathematics, with research in scheduling, computational problems, numerical mathematics, and optimization.  Many faculty work on inter- and multi-disciplinary research in geography, the physical and health sciences, business, and management, to name only a few. Graduate students therefore also have an opportunity to perform research on the interface of mathematics and other disciplines.

Thesis Route - In addition to the Major Research Paper option, the M.Sc. in Mathematics program also offers a thesis option. A thesis requires students to become more deeply proficient in an area of mathematics than is standard in an MRP.  A thesis is generally (depending on the topic) longer and more detailed than an MRP.  Because of its more advanced nature, a thesis requires more time to complete than an MRP.  Additionally, a thesis generally (but not always) contains multi- and inter-disciplinary aspects, and will usually involve research into advanced areas of mathematics and computational science.

Major Research Paper Route - Through the major research paper (MRP), the student must show the ability to work independently in a scholarly manner.  The MRP does not have to make a significant original contribution to academic knowledge of the subject, but it must display extensive research and independent analysis. Students must demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the literature relating to the topic.

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