Apply to live in residence for the 2024/25 academic year-   The 24/25 Residence application is now open.  

Students can apply online through the eRezlife portal.  Please note application are only considered complete when we receive the full $400 deposit.  For more information please email the Residence Life Admissions department at

For payment instructions please click on the How to Pay the $400 deposit tab below.

To access the 2024-25 Residence Contract click HERE

If you require housing for the Winter 2024 semester(January to April 2024), please reach out to the Admissions Office via email at     

Important Note to All Applicants

All students must complete the application and indicate their residence preference. Included in the online residence application, is a questionnaire that asks specific questions about your lifestyle, sleep, and study habits. Please answer these questions completely and honestly, as the information you provide will be used to match you with suitable roommates. Although Nipissing staff try to accommodate students' first choice, it may be necessary to place some students in their second or third choice of residence.

Students who are in need of housing mid-semester are encouraged to reach out to the Residence Life department to inquire about availability.

Residences accommodations are only available to students enrolled in an Undergraduate program, a Post Baccalaureate program or our Schulich School of Education 2-year Bachelor of Education program.  We do not offer accommodations to students in graduate level programs, nor do we offer family housing.


Please contact Residence Life at or 705-474-3450 ext. 4855

Residence applications can be accessed once you have received an offer of admission from the Registrar’s Office.  Click HERE to access the eRezlife application. 

First Time Users:

The first time you visit eRezLife, you will have to click on Activate Account. You will only be able to access the erezlife application if you have received an offer of admission from the Registrar's Office.  The system will automatically send you an email with a password reset link in it. This will be sent to the email address you included on your OUAC application. If you don't see the email in your inbox right away, please check your Junk/Spam folder for an email from You will have to click on the link in the email to create your password for eRezLife.  Once you create your password, you will be redirected right into the application service.  After you complete all the fields with a red asterisk, you will see a green "Apply Now" button on your home screen to select your preferred building and fill out the rest of the application.

Returning Students

Go to and log in using your Nipissing University student email address and the password you created when you first applied for Residence.

Forgot your password? Click the "Forgot password?" link

Step-by-Step Instruction on How to Apply

Step 1:

When accessing eRezLife, you will begin at the login screen. For first-time residents, you will need to create an account. To create an account, you will need to enter the email address that you entered on your OUAC application and your Nipissing University student ID number, which can be found in your offer of admission. Once your account is created, sign into the account.  

Step 2:

Once signed into your eRezLife account, you will reach the home screen. You can start your residence application by clicking the “apply for housing” section in the middle of the screen. 

You will then see the green “Apply Now” on the right-hand side. By clicking this button, you will begin the application process. 

Step 3:

You are now at your eRezLife profile page. At this step, you will notice that much of your information is already in the system. Please check for errors, make changes if necessary, fill in any blank spaces and click ‘save’ at the bottom of the page. Keep in mind that the information you have filled in does NOT mean you have already automatically applied for next year.  Once your profile is completed, click on “Nipissing University Residence Application 2023-2024” on the left-hand side when you are ready to move on to the application.  

Step 4:

Completing the application - Emergency Contact Information: After you click on the Residence Application, you will be prompted to insert your Emergency Contact Information.  


Building Preference: On this page, you choose your residence building preference. Select your building preferences by clicking on the options in the left box, which will automatically populate on the right. You must choose 3 options, in order of your preference. Choosing only one option will not increase your chances to that building. Also, keep in mind that the Townhouse Residence Complex is an option for upper-year students only.  

Room Placement: If you are a RETURNING student, you may request specific room placements. You write this in the “additional information” box at the end of the application. Specific room placements will be assigned on a first-come, first served basis, and are not guaranteed. Please list a few preferred options in case your first choice has already been taken by someone who applied before you.  

Important Considerations: There are important considerations for Room Placements for ALL applicants. In this box, you can provide information regarding any medical conditions, disabilities, or serious allergies that should be considered when assigning your room placement. Please note that providing this information helps us place you in a room that will best fit your needs, however, it does not guarantee we can accommodate all requests.  Students with medically necessary accommodations are encouraged to fill out the form that is referenced in this section. 

Food Allergies:  In the next box, please detail any food allergies, intolerance, or dietary restrictions and specify the severity of the interactions that could present a risk to health.  

Severe Allergies: The next box is for information about allergies to animals and specifics to the severity of your allergy. Please note that pets are not allowed in Residence, however, if a student presents a medical requirement for a Service Animal special permission may be granted, and roommates are consulted prior to placements. Again, this is crucial information for considerations for room placement. If you require specific accommodation it is required that you fill out the Residence Accommodation Form. The link is provided in this slideshow.  

Gender Selection: Nipissing University Residence Life strives to offer diversity within our community and therefore believe that students should live in an environment that is inclusive of their gender identity. We offer students the option of living in an all gender suite/house. Indicating “yes” to this question means that you agree to live in a suite/house with 3-5 roommates of any gender identity. Click on the gender identity link for more info.  

Personal Preferences: In order to help us get to know you, answer some personal interest questions by selecting your answer in the right-hand tab. Keep in mind that your answers will help the Residence Staff and Council better understand community needs and interest. Your answers will be provided anonymously. This is portion plays a very important role within the roommate selection process.  Please keep an open mind and be honest when answering these questions. These questions help us place you with like-minded students, who have a similar style of living to you. 

Avoiding Roommate Pairings: Once you have completed the preferences portion, there is a question about avoiding roommate pairings that you might already know would not be good matches for you. This section is not mandatory, however, if you choose to fill it out, we assure you that we uphold a strict confidentiality policy. And finally, the last section of the page asks you to provide permission to share your information with your future roommates, giving you the chance to communicate with your roommates prior to move in day. Should you decline this option, you will not receive the contact information of your roommates either. 

Deposit Payment: This section provides the options for resident deposit payment. Please read carefully and write down any important dates.  

Save Information: Residence Life commits to protecting your privacy. Please SAVE your information before exiting or proceeding to the confirmation of your application. If all information is complete, accurate, and you are happy with your application, please proceed to the confirmation portion.  

Ensure the following.

  1. You have read, understand, and agree to our terms and conditions. It is recommended that you open the linked document and read it carefully.
  2. The information you have provided within this application is truthful.
  3. You have selected a method of payment.  

Submission Complete: Submit your application when ready and you will receive a confirmation that includes; receipt number & date. Thank you for applying to Nipissing University Residence. Please write down your confirmation information.  

If you still have ANY questions, please contact the Residence Office at OR 705-474-3450 Extension 4855. 

How to pay the $400.00 deposit

PLEASE note: Applications are not considered complete and will not be considered for placement until a $400 Residence deposit it received.  

Online Banking: The easiest way to make the $400.00 Residence deposit payment is to pay it using online banking. To do this you would log into your personal online banking account and click on Bill Payments, then click on Add A Payee. You can add Nipissing University as a new payee. It will ask you for an account number, please enter your 7-digit Nipissing Student ID number. (Please note that online payments cannot be made with credit card).  Once you make your payment it will take approximately 48 hours to post to your student account.

Mailing a Cheque or Money Order: You can mail a cheque or money order directly to the Finance Office. Please ensure you enter your full name and Nipissing Student Id # on the cheque/money order.

Mailing Address:

Nipissing University
Attention: Finance Office F216
100 College Dr.
North Bay ON P1B 8L7

Paying directly in the Finance Office: Students can make payments directly in the Finance Office in F216. Hours of operation – Monday to Friday 10AM to 4PM

The $400.00 residence deposit includes a non-refundable $30.00 application fee. Please Note: A portion of your residence deposit in the amount of $100.00 is refundable if you cancel your application after receiving a placement notification. Students who wish to cancel their application should log into their erezlife portal and withdraw their application.

NOTE: When students are assigned a room placement in residence, they are responsible for the FULL PAYMENT of their residence fees for the academic year. The installment payment plan, which consists of two payments in addition to the deposit fee, is an option for students, instead of paying their full fees upfront.

High School Applicants

All high school applicants who are admitted full-time to first year studies at Nipissing University, and who meet the eligibility requirements are guaranteed a spot in residence if they submit their residence application and pay the $400.00 Residence deposit by June 3, 2024.

Once you have received an offer of admission from the Registrar's Office you will have access to the residence application. Click HERE to access the residence application. For step-by-step instructions on how to apply, see section above.

If you have not provided us with a valid email address and would like to apply for residence, please contact the Residence Office by email to

Returning Students

Returner Early Placement

We offer an opportunity for returning students to apply early and secure a spot in residence for the following academic year prior to leaving in April.

To be considered for one of our limited enrollment early placements, current/returning students must complete their 2024 Residence application and pay their full $400 deposit.  If you qualify for one of the limited enrollment placements, the Residence Life department will reach out to you via your student email account prior to the end of the semester to inform you that you have secured a placement for the 24/25 school year.  Please note - the earlier you apply and pay your deposit the better chance you give yourself of securing a placement.  

For step-by-step instructions on how to apply, please see the How to Apply tab in this section. 

For instructions on payment options, please see the How to Pay the $400 Deposit tab in this section. 

Please Note:  The Nipissing University Finance department Policy states that, "Payments from students with outstanding balances from current or previous terms that may be intended as future residence or tuition deposits will first be applied against the existing outstanding balance, and not treated as a deposit payment."

Bachelor of Education Students

Bachelor of Education students are not guaranteed a placement in residence and there is no set deadline to apply.  Applications for this cohort are not considered complete until submitted and the $400 deposit is received.  Placements within the Bachelor of Education community are limited and are balanced between the 1st and 2nd year cohort.  

It is strongly recommended that Bachelor of Education students complete their residence application and pay the $400.00 deposit as early in the application as possible.

The residence application can be accessed by clicking HERE.

For information on how to pay the $400 deposit, please see the How to Pay the $400 deposit tab in this section.

International and Exchange Students

Undergraduate degree seeking international students - students who are attending Nipissing University for the fall/winter terms who are completing an Undergraduate degree are guaranteed a space in residence if they submit their application and pay their $400 deposit by June 3, 2024. Students who submit their application and/or pay their deposit after June 3, 2024, will be considered if space permits or offered a waitlist spot.  International students who are completing a Post Baccalaureate or Bachelor of Education degree are not guaranteed a spot in Residence. 

Exchange Students - students who are attending Nipissing University through a Fall only, Winter only or full year exchange program are guaranteed a placement in residence and should submit their Residence application and pay their $400 deposit by June 14, 2024.

Students who are attending Nipissing University through a winter only exchange program (January to April) are guaranteed a placement in residence and should submit their Residence application and pay their $400 deposit by October 31, 2023.

Mature and Transfer Students

Mature students and students transferring from another institution are not guaranteed a residence placement. Students who wish to apply to live in residence should complete a residence application and pay a $400 deposit no later than June 3, 2024. There is no application deadline, however we encourage students to apply and pay their deposit as early as possible.

For instructions and payment options please see the How to Pay the $400 deposit tab in this section.

If a student wishes to live in residence for the winter semester (January to April), they will be required to submit a residence application and pay a $400 Residence deposit. Click HERE to access the residence application.

Space is limited in residence for the Winter term, therefore we encourage applicants to submit their application and pay their $400 deposit as soon as possible. Completed and paid applications are processed in late November and placement notifications are sent out in early December.

For application instructions, please see the How to Apply Tab in this section.

Please note, if you are applying to live in residence for the winter semester, please identify yourself as a winter cohort by choosing "One Semester Occupant - Winter Occupant" option in the Type of Student 2023/24 field.

Deposit information can be found on the How to Pay the $400 Deposit tab in this section.

Students who are enrolled in courses over the spring/summer semesters are eligible to apply to live in residence. Please contact our Summer Accommodations department for more details -