Residence Accommodation Request Form

Residence Life Accommodation Request Form for Students

Residence Life strives to assist all students with disabilities and/or other specific personal challenges by providing residence accommodations that will meet their needs. In order to assist you, we require your help in determining how we can best address your specific needs.

We will only consider requests for a particular residence from students with disabilities that, if assigned elsewhere, will greatly affect their quality of life. Such requests include medical impairments, hearing or vision impairments, medical health conditions, physical challenges, or other permanent or ongoing medical conditions that would in some way affect the general well being of the resident.

In preparation for the start of a new academic year (September), all requests must be completed prior to June 30, of that year in order to allow for adequate consideration and facilitation within in the placement process.  Mid-year requests will be facilitated as placement and other necessary environmental factors permit, and in coordination with related policies and procedures.

Nipissing University has four rooms in residence which are accessible to physically or mobility impaired students. These accessible residences feature architecturally modified living, sleeping and washroom facilities.

Residence Life will consider requests for placements or space alterations based on need. All requests must be supported through medical documentation.   Examples of such requirements are:

  • A flashing light to indicate a fire alarm
  • Keyless entry to a bedroom or suite
  • Access to a bathtub
  • Having a close proximity to the exit of the building
  • A requirement to be on the first floor of the complex
  • Other accommodations as may be required by the student

To apply for a specific placement within a complex or a space alteration complete the Residence Life Accommodation Request Form and submit it to our Student Accessibility Office. Submission instructions are located on the form. The deadline to submit a form is June 30th.

In-year requests will be considered, however may not be granted if the requirement is for a physical space that is not available within Residence.

For further information please contact the Residence Life Department via email at 

Residence Accessibility Suites

Residence offer two fully accessible suites.  One is located in Governors House and the other is located in Chancellors House.  Each suite houses up to two students. 

Special amenities include:

  • wall oven
  • accessible stove
  • fridge
  • accessible sink
  • lower counter tops

For more information on applying to live in an accessible suite please reach out to our Admissions Office via email at

Residence Accessibility Suite Floor Plan

Nipissing University Residence Life department recognizes the benefit of service animals to provide independence to those individuals who identify with a disability. 

The Residence Life department will consider and provide reasonable accommodations for service animals as may be required by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act, 2005 (AODA). Please note: Residence Life is not able to accommodate requests for Emotional Support Animals (ESA). The department will only consider accommodations for verified Service Animals as defined by AODA.

Although we do our best to accommodations request to live with a service animal, approvals are based on vacancies and agreeability of students to live with a service animal in their house or suite.  If an individual who plans to live in Residence requires a service animal, here are the steps to take to apply to live with a service animal:

  1. Complete the Residence Life Accommodation Request form and submit it to our Student Accessibility Office as per the instructions on the form.
  2. Upon approval, the SAS Office will notify the Residence Life Department

A member of our Residence Life team will then reach out to the student directly via email and provide the student with the specific requires for the animal to live in Residence. These requirements must be met and submitted prior to the animal moving into Residence.  These requirements are:

  1. The student must complete the registration form
  2. The student must read, sign and agree to the terms of the partner agreement
  3. The student must provide an up-to-date vaccination certificate (if applicable)
  4. The student must provide proof that the animal has been spayed/neutered (if applicable)
  5. The student must provide proof that the animal is licensed with the city (if applicable)
  6. The student must complete the service animal module
  7. The student must submit a clear picture of the animal

The animal is not allowed to move into Residence until these documents have been submitted.  Once the Residence Life Department has determined that all required documents have been submitted and they have determined that they can meet the accommodation, they will provide an approval directly to the student.

The student is financially responsible for the service animal, including for any bodily injury or property damage caused by the service animal. The student's financial responsibility may include replacement of furniture, carpet, window, wall covering, and costs of damage to other Nipissing owned property, just as any other resident would be responsible for damage. The student is expected to cover these costs at the time of repair and/or move-out as determined by Residence.

The student is responsible for any expenses incurred for required cleaning above and beyond a standard cleaning or for repairs to Nipissing’s premises, just as any other resident would be responsible. Any such damages and required cleaning, such as but not limited to steam cleaning carpets, air filtration, reupholstering of furnishings etc., will be assessed after the student and service animal vacate Residence. At a minimum, additional charges should be anticipated for carpet cleaning required to resolve the presence of any allergens.

For further information please contact the Residence Life Department via email at