Resources and Useful Links

TCPS Core 2 Certification

The Federal Granting Agency's tri-council Panel on Research Ethics (PRE) is offering an on-line seminar on the operation of the ethics rules for researchers doing research that in any way involves humans. All researchers who will be directly contacting participants or their identifiable data are required to provide the NUREB with evidence of their certification within their applications.

Please use the link below to acquire a TCPS Core certificate: 

Useful Links:

  • ROMEO login/Registration ROMEO
  • Interagency Advisory Panel on Research Ethics  (PRE) 
  • Canadian Association of Research Ethics Boards (CAREB) 
  • Tri-Council Policy Secretariat 2nd Edition of Policy for Research Involving Humans Document - TCPS2
  • Assembly of First Nations Research Ethics (AFN)
  • Guidelines for Ethical Aboriginal Research (GEAR)
  • First Nations Principles of Ownership, Control, Access, and Possession (OCAP)

International Research

When doing research in another country, please check the following link to ensure you have obtained the required approvals. Ensure you have obtained institutional authorization from the host institution to conduct your research. Researchers are still expected to follow all the TCPS guidelines regardless of where the research is taking place.