Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships (for Admissions in the 2021-2022 Academic Year or Prior)

No applicati​on is required:  If you have the marks you’ll receive the scholarship.

Entrance Scholarships Chart

Ontario secondary school applicants for full time admission will be considered ​automatically for our entrance scholarships based on their best six 4U/4M grades (or final IB score including bonus points)(exclu​​ding co-op courses) as of June 30. Conditional offers of scholarships will go out with offers of admission. Students must accept their offer of admission by the deadline date outlined in their offer letter to be considered automatically for these scholarships.  Scholarship eligibility will be reviewed once final grades are available June 30; additional offers may go out at that time or existing scholarship offers may be topped up or reversed based on new eligibility.  Emails confirming Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship eligibility will be sent to qualifying students in early August.  Scholarships are paid out in the fall/winter; students must be registered full time (minimum 18 credits) for the scholarship to be paid out.

Current high school applicants from other Canadian provinces are also eligible for scholarship considerati​on.

Applicants eligible for admission to the first year of an undergraduate program who are applying directly from the first year of a CEGEP program qualify for Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships.  The scholarship average for CEGEP applicants will be calculated on the final grades of their twelve best academic courses.

Students who deferred or delayed their admission to Nipissing University by one year, but still with a September start to their studies, and without attending another post-secondary institution may be eligible for entrance scholarship consideration by contacting the Admissions Office at

​​NOTE:  Students in the upper year Concurrent Education program may only hold the scholarship in their first four years of study.  Students in the Consecutive Education, College Partnership (Commerce and BBA) and Nursing Scholar Practitioner programs do not qualify for this scholarship.