International Students

International Student Information

In accordance with IRCC regulations, you must be in Canada with a valid study permit, a valid social insurance number (SIN) and registered in full-time studies to accept employment on campus. Please attach a copy of your valid work/study permit, SIN memo and confirmation from your home DLI when submitting your payroll forms. You must be enrolled for full-time studies beginning September 2023. 

International Work Study Program (ISWP):

The International Work-Study Program (IWSP) was created specifically for international students who hold a valid study permit allowing them to work in Canada and a valid SIN.

IWSP positions will be posted on the Human Resources Student Employment website inviting eligible international students to apply.

When hiring ISWP positions, the student must apply and be approved for ISWP funding through the Finance Office (September through April).

IWSP positions may not exceed 20 hours per week (Immigration and Citizenship Canada - and a student cannot hold more than two ISWP positions at the same time. Students are permitted to hold an ISWP position and a Non-ISWP position at the same time as long as the combined hours of work for all positions is no more than 20 per week.

International students must provide Human Resources with a copy of their study permit prior to beginning work and they must have a valid SIN.