Classroom​ Support

Classroom technology support is available to all faculty and staff. We provide technology and audio visual assistance in classrooms and meeting rooms. Faculty and staff are encouraged to see the audio visual specialists for demonstrations and personal instruction of audio visual equipment prior to the commencement of classes or events/meetings. For on demand in-class classroom support please call our cell at 705-477-4822.

Computer Labs 

There are computer labs of various sizes available daily for class and student use. The current main lab is in A120. Specialty labs are located throughout campus as well as computers for general use in the Harris Learning Library. Print stations are located in A120, and the Harris Learning Library. Our on campus full service print shop, Print Plus conveniently located in A107 is happy to assist with all your printing and binding needs. ​Please see further information on the virtual computer labs here.

Online Printing

By going to, students have the ability to print documents from their mobile devices  and personal computer wirelessly to the Harris Learning Library,  and the Computer Lab in A120. Black and white printing is provided at a rate of $0.10/page. Colour printing can be completed at Print Plus or the Harris Learning Library.


Our videoconferencing service allow faculty and staff to communicate and collaborate live from separate locations. The technology supports video and audio communication.