Additional Basic Qualifications (ABQ)

Additional qualifications are governed in Ontario by Regulation 176/10 and are administered by the Ontario College of Teachers. The additional qualifications offered by the Schulich School of Education include:

  • Additional Basic Qualifications
  • One-Session Qualifications
  • Three-Session Qualifications (Specialist)

To successfully complete a course, all assignments, must be completed successfully. Upon successful completion of courses with a minimum grade of 60%, students will be reported to the Ontario College of Teachers for the appropriate additional qualification. To be reported, candidates must have met all pre-requisite requirements, must have submitted all required documentation and must not be in financial arrears to the University. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they submit all required documentation and meet all prerequisite requirements, as well as any requirements that are designated on their Certificate of Qualification. Teachers of Technological Studies should also note that O. Reg. 176/10 limits the courses that can be taken to a specific list of courses.

Admission requirements and course descriptions for ABQs are available on the AQ/ABQ Courses website.​