Secure Online Exams


FASS processes all scheduled fall, winter and spring/summer term final exams for Secure Online deployment. These exams could be for On-site or Distance courses. Once faculty have completed the mandatory training through their Learning System Technologist, and chosen their exam preference through the Registrar’s Office, FASS will send an email to those faculty having secure online exams with submission instructions.

The submission deadline is created based on the time it takes to process the exams through FASS and the Learning Systems Technologists. It is imperative that the deadline is adhered to in order to ensure the exam is uploaded to Blackboard on time.

Exams can be submitted as Word documents via email. If a faculty member would like to use an exam from a previous term, they may request to have it retrieved from FASS’ archives to be updated and reused. Multiple Choice, True/False, Matching and Fill in the Blank questions must clearly indicate the correct answer using the formatting reviewed in the mandatory training.

Once exams have been formatted by FASS, the exams are sent to the corresponding Learning System Technologist to finish processing. If an exam contains more complicated elements (i.e. tables, worksheets, images, etc.), it is passed on to the corresponding Learning System Technologist to process in its entirety. Once the file has been uploaded into the secure online system, the LST will notify the instructor that it is ready for review. Accuracy in final exams is critical, so it is important that the faculty member takes the time to review every detail to ensure it is ready for deployment.

Strict security measures are implemented by FASS and Print Plus throughout every step of the exam process to ensure that the integrity of the exams is maintained at all times.