Summer Indigenous Institute

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Program overview

The Summer Indigenous Institute is a month-long program for Indigenous students entering university. Launched in July, 2019, the program offers Indigenous students an academic transition to their undergraduate studies. The program is offered to students who will be entering a degree program at Nipissing University, Algoma University, Lakehead University, and Laurentian University.

The program is also offered to students currently completing grade 11 or 12, college or are mature students who considering university in the future. 

The program runs for four weeks in July, and offers two introductory Indigenous Studies courses for credit delivered through remote learning plus and on-campus experiential learning event in the fall of 2020. 

This program supports students as they learn skills necessary for success at university. The program allows Indigenous students an advanced look at university life while also giving them a head start on their credits. The courses are taught by Indigenous faculty, and students have access to upper-year student mentors. Enji giigdoyang, the Office of Indigenous Initiatives also offers academic, personal and cultural support activities while students are in the program.

For students entering their first year of university, course credits are transferable to Nipissing University, Algoma University, Lakehead University and Laurentian University. 

For students who are currently completing secondary school or college or are mature learners are welcome to take the program as non-credit option. 

Students are exempt from paying tuition for the two courses.There is no cost for this program. 

Program Dates: July 4 – July 30, 2020

Application Deadline: June 13, 2020

All completed applications (including supplemental requirements) must be sent to The Office of Indigenous Initiatives via email to  

2020 Summer Indigenous Institute Application

For more information, contact:

Phone: 705.474.3450 Ext. 4312

Summer Indigenous Institute - Additional information

  • The Summer Indigenous Institute application is open!
  • This transitional program is for Indigenous students entering Nipissing University, Algoma University, Lakehead University, or Laurentian University.The program is also open this year to those finishing grade 11 or 12, college or are mature students who are considering university in the future!
  • The Summer Indigenous Institute will cover costs of travel, accommodation, and meals for students participating in the fall on-campus experience. 
  • The program begins early July.
  • The Summer Indigenous Institute is a culturally-based transition program focused on helping students get a head start on their undergraduate degrees.
  • Students will be enrolled in two Indigenous Studies courses at Nipissing University.
  • The credits are transferable to any of the four partner universities in the north.