Important Policies for Students

International Mobility and Global Engagement

Nipissing University is committed to ensuring a safe and respectful campus and workplace. If you have experienced some form of misconduct either by a peer, faculty or staff, there are three policies below that can help assist in next steps.

Please know there are dedicated staff available to listen, support and help you navigate the process in any of these possible situations. You may also access these policies on the Nipissing Safe App. If you have questions about these policies and are looking for support in navigating which policy may be appropriate for a specific situation - please feel free to contact

Respectful Workplace and Learning Environments Policy

Nipissing University is committed to providing respectful learning and working environments that are free from discrimination and harassment, where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. All acts of harassment and discrimination are strictly prohibited, and every member of our community must be in compliance with this policy.

Below is an infographic that outlines the reporting process if you believe you have experienced a situation of harassment or discrimination on campus by a faculty or staff member and the ways to engage with campus to address your concerns.


The Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities

The University requires that students conduct themselves in accordance with the laws of the country, province, city, and the policies of the University. Dishonesty, willful misconduct, fraud and failure to respect the rights of others cannot be tolerated in a community which is dedicated to the development of responsible individuals. This policy helps students understand what is expected of all members of the Nipissing community and the procedure to follow if you feel you have a student-to-student concern.

Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Policy

Nipissing University is not only dedicated to ensuring a safe and respectful environment, but also to providing prevention, education, and response efforts to address sexual violence for the campus community. Sexual violence will not be tolerated, and the University is committed to a prompt and supportive response to students who disclose sexual violence. The University is committed to procedural fairness and fair process for all parties involved in the formal complaint process.