New Students with Transfer Credit

Below you will find more information for new transfer students beginning at Nipissing University, including how to find and understand your transfer credit assessment.

Receiving Transfer Credit

Your transfer credit will be processed when you have accepted your offer of admission and submitted your final post-secondary transcript showing that your diploma has been awarded (if applicable) and/or your undergraduate final grades are posted. For applicants who will be completing a college diploma, when you request your final college transcript, please ensure that your transcript indicates that you have graduated, and your diploma/degree is awarded. 

Note: Until your final transcript has been received and your transfer credits are  processed, you may not be able to register in some of your courses because you may not have the prerequisites for certain upper- year courses.  Once your transfer credit evaluation is complete, you will be able to view it on WebAdvisor under ‘Unofficial Transcript’ and ‘Summary of Transfer Credits’.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your final transcript is submitted.  Please check the status of your final transcript in WebAdvisor under Important Documents – Outstanding/Received to ensure that your final transcript is marked received.  Transcripts sent before graduation will not indicate that you have graduated and your WebAdvisor account will indicate “Must Re-Submit – Not Final”. 

If you still have questions about your transfer credit assessment, please review Transfer Credit Frequently Asked Questions. Further questions about transfer credits can be directed to

Login to WebAdvisor

Login to WebAdvisor so you can review your transfer credit assessment by following these steps:

  1. Access 
  2. Enter your username (your nipissing email address for example and password and click on Sign In.
  3. Click on Go to WebAdvisor.

If you are unable to login to WebAdvisor, please review these Frequently Asked Questions.

Understanding Your Transfer Credit Assessment

The following video will lead you through reading your transfer credit assessment. If you do not see your transfer credit assessment once you follow the steps in the video, please refer to the Receiving Transfer Credit tab above.