Ancient Studies

Admission to this program has been suspended.

Students previously admitted to Ancient Studies or Classical Studies may find their program requirements in the Calendar Archive

Welcome to Ancient Studies at Nipissing

Are you curious about how and where Western culture began? Or perhaps you’ve always been intrigued by the drama and adventure of Greek myths. Or maybe you’ve just always really liked those action movies set in ancient Greece and Rome! Whatever catches your interest, Ancient Studies at Nipissing will take you deep into the ancient world.

“The Department of Ancient Studies would like to announce the creation of The Ilse Mueller Memorial Scholarship in Classical Studies. Dr. Ilse Mueller immigrated to Canada from her native Hamburg, Germany in the late 1960’s having never attended a post-secondary institution. She began her post-secondary studies much later in life, taking her BA in Classical Studies from York University in the early 1990’s. She then went on to a Ph.D. programme in Ancient History at the University of Chicago and took her doctoral degree in 2000. After a brief appointment at Laurentian University, Dr. Mueller was hired at Nipissing in 2002 as a professor of Ancient Studies. Between 2002 and 2016 Dr. Mueller worked tirelessly to transform the Ancient Studies programme from a minor degree to a full specialised honours degree. Dr. Mueller’s published research was in the area of Roman Social History with a special focus on marginalised groups such as widows, orphans, slaves, and the poor. Tragically, Nipissing lost Dr. Mueller in October 2016 after a sudden cancer diagnosis. The Ancient Studies program thus lost its principal architect and the Ancient Studies faculty lost a treasured colleague and friend. It was Dr. Mueller’s wish that the lion’s share of her estate be devoted to helping deserving students realise their full academic potential so they might continue to contribute to our understanding of the ancient world. In particular, Dr. Mueller believed in a hands-on approach to learning about antiquity and to this end The Dr. Ilse Mueller Memorial Scholarship in Classical Studies has been endowed to help the scholarship recipient defray the cost of attending summer archaeological field schools through the Balkan Heritage Field School programme. The recipients will be those Ancient Studies students who are between their third and fourth years of study and who intend on pursuing graduate studies in Classics. We hope that this endowment will continue Dr. Mueller’s legacy of the academic rigour and excellence she came to expect from her students.”

Certificate in Digital Humanities

(Any graduating student who has met the requirements)

If you are interested in studying the digital world and new media, check out the Digital Humanities Certificate. This certificate meets the growing need for training in the digital world among the humanities field, offers you a specialization in new media studies, and is available to any graduating student who has met the requirements for the certificate.

Certificates available to all Nipissing students

Ancient History GeoVisage

Online interactive digital map of the ancient world

To further enrich your education, you can also get involved in our unique project: an online interactive digital map of the ancient world, created using NASA satellite mapping technology. Students can help plot important ancient sites on the map, and then add lists of primary (literary references or archaeological material) and secondary sources (scholarly literature) associated with the site. This project makes the tangible connections between history and real geographic spaces, and also gives you more opportunities to research and learn technology​

Ontario Classical Association

The Ontario Classical Association is the only official advocate for students, teachers and professors of Classics in this province. Its mandate is the promotion and protection of Classical Studies in Ontario. The OCA provides on-going support and professional development for its members through its newsletter, annual meetings and symposia for teachers.


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The Harris Learning Library was completed in 2011 and provides 56,000 square feet of study space with natural light and a modern award-winning design. The new library features expanded print collections, a learning commons, an adaptive technology area, and collaborative work spaces.

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If you want to experience a year or a semester at one of our partner schools across the globe, we have support services and programs to help you get there. If you want to assist International students with adjusting to life in Canada, we’ll connect you. Check out your options...

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Ancient Studies Club

Get involved with the Ancient Studies Club, an active group that organizes guest speakers, trips to places like the Royal Ontario Museum, movie nights, Greek and Latin poetry readings, social events and, of course, toga parties. The club also visits local high schools to speak to history classes about Ancient Studies, and puts on Greek and Roman theatre performances.

“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” Confucius

Experiential learning is an effective medium that enhances and reinforces classroom learning. In addition, skills and competencies in the areas of communication, teamwork, analysis, work ethic, and problem solving are all learning outcomes that assist with finding the right career path for you.

Third and fourth year Arts and Science Students will be interested in our 3 credit course, UNIV 3006 Experiential Learning for Arts and Science Students. Within this course, academic assignments and at least 60 hours of placement in the community within a field that is related to your course of study is offered.

Experiential Learning Program for Arts & Science Students (ELAS) 

The Experiential Learning for Arts & Science Program (ELAS) is an exclusive project between Student Development & Services, the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce (NBDCC) and the Faculty of Arts & Science. This project focuses on providing students with hands-on learning experiences directly related to their academic interests. 

With a strong emphasis on learning competencies, the ELAS immerses students with enriched learning opportunities that focus on the development of professional skills resulting in confident, successful and highly employable graduates ready for the workforce. 

The ELAS program provides support for Arts & Science students to participate in activities such as: 

  • Conferences and speakers 
  • Site visits and field trips 
  • Work placements 

When it comes to experiential learning at Nipissing University, you have lots of choices. Let us help you navigate your options, so you can find the best fit for your personal and professional goals, as well as your schedule.  

Visit for more information.

Leadership and Community Engagement

If you are eager to get involved beyond the classroom, take part in the annual Undergraduate Research Conference, which gives you the opportunity to present your work to peers, professors, and family members. You may also have opportunity to work as a Research Assistant to help a professor conduct research and gain valuable experience at the same time.

Record of Student Development

Your experience at Nipissing University is more than just the time spent learning great things in lectures, labs, and seminars. It’s also about the activities you are involved in outside of the classroom, the causes you champion to make change on campus, the clubs you organize, the awards you receive, the workshops you participate in, the volunteering you do, and all the learning that occurs outside of the classroom. 

The Record of Student Development (RSD) is Nipissing University's way of recognizing that learning is happening everywhere on campus. It is a formal record, otherwise known as a co-curricular transcript, where you can include workshops, volunteer experiences, awards, activities, and on campus employment experiences that you participate in throughout your degree. 

Each RSD Approved activity in our database is linked to competency areas employers are looking for such as:    

  • Critical Thinking 
  • Leadership  
  • Digital Literacy  
  • Equity and Diversity 
  • Emotional and Interpersonal Intelligence 
  • & more!  

To see the full list of competencies and get started building your Record of Student Development go to:

Nipissing University Student Union (NUSU)

Students attending Nipissing University in North Bay and long distance students are members of the Nipissing University Student Union. Our organization strives to represent students democratically, provide a communication framework, and lobby for legislative change on issues that affect students.


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Program Representative

A degree in Ancient Studies is useful for many different career paths. If you’re interested in pursuing a graduate degree, an MBA degree, law school, or a Bachelor of Education program, your newfound knowledge of culture, history, and language will give you a great foundation.

Ancient Studies graduates can pursue successful careers in archeology, museums, tourism, publishing, translation, public relations, archiving, and writing, to name just a few. When you’re armed with the knowledge and skills of a Ancient Studies degree, where you go and what you do will be completely up to you!

Master of Arts in History

If you’ve already completed an undergraduate degree and are looking to take the next step in your education, consider our Master of Arts degree in History. The program offers four fields of concentration—International, Gender, Canadian, and European—and consists of course work and a Major Research Paper. The Master program provides training for entry into a PhD program, and as well, develops your research, writing, and presentation skills that will expand your career options in a wide range of fields, including commerce, government, heritage, and teaching. In the spring, you can participate in the annual Graduate Student Conference by presenting your Major Research Paper (MRP) proposal to an audience of peers and faculty in preparation for defence of your MRP. You will also serve as a research or teaching assistant for a faculty member. This will give you teaching experience at the university level, and includes instructing, marking, and holding office hours. While the program is typically completed within a year, it is offered in both full- and part-time studies. Learn More...

Career and Academic Options

  • Graduate Studies
  • Professional School (Education, Law, MBA)
  • Careers in research, library or museum services, and archaeology​