Student expertise helping local businesses

​Upper year students are helping local businesses by developing strategic marketing plans to maximize their organization's outreach, awareness and success. For the students, it’s an opportunity to gain real world experience by applying in class learning to practical scenarios.

This win-win scenario is all part of Nipissing’s fourth-year Applied Marketing course, offered in January. Students work with local companies to address marketing needs by developing plans specific to the company. They will develop tactics, campaigns and strategy to assist the company with unique hurdles. Plans include social media strategy, new customer acquisition ideas, customer retention tactics, and more.

Students have an initial meeting with their client to determine first steps. They will keep in regular contact with the organization as they develop a plan. In April, at the end of the academic term, they present their findings and recommendations to their client.

Over the last few years, students in this school of business course have made an impact.

"We were very impressed with the plan the students presented. It was well researched, complimented existing strategies and had a clear path forward with measurable objectives,” said Glen Gravelle of Farquhar's Orchards Fresh Food Market, who worked with students in a previous year. “Their plan allowed us to expand our vision to include some new ideas not presently considered. One idea involved utilizing a social media platform that allowed us to lower labour cost and is still being used. The students had a direct and positive impact on our business."

“The students’ plan was thoroughly researched and had a realistic and sustainable approach,” said Janine Lafreniere, executive director of Nipissing Transition House. “I truly enjoyed working with the students, they were professional and provided great insight into the enhancement of the One Pledge program.”

A number of local organizations have already expressed interest in participating and there are a few opportunities open for a business to get involved.  If your organization would like to get involved, please contact: Traci Malkowski, project coordinator in the school of business, at

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