Frequently Asked International Questions

International Exchange Students - international students who are enrolled in an educational institution abroad and apply to study on exchange at Nipissing University for one semester or one full academic year.

International Degree-Seeking Students - international students who would like to obtain their full degree and graduate from Nipissing University. Degree seeking students typically study for 3-4 years at Nipissing University.

International Degree-Seeking Students

What is the deadline to apply?

You must apply via the Online University Application Centre (OUAC). For more information on the application process please visit.

What are the application requirements?

Please visit our admissions website via the following links:

What are the study periods at Nipissing University

Nipissing University offers three study semesters. However, the majority of classes are offered during the Fall and Winter semesters. Degree students can study all year, however most programs start in the Fall semester.

  • Fall Semester – September to December
  • Winter Semester – January to April
  • Spring Semester – May to August

Note: the exact start and end dates, including exam period, vary for each academic year. 

When will I be notified of my acceptance?

Degree students will receive their acceptance directly from the admissions office.

How will I select my courses?

As part of your acceptance package from the admissions office you will receive instructions on selecting and registering for your courses.

Do I need a Study Permit

If your study period is less than 6 months you do not need a Study Permit.

Visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website to download the Study Permit Guide Book. This publication provides information about how to apply from outside Canada if your study period is more than 6 months:

Am I permitted to work during my study period in Canada?

For information on working while you study please visit the CIC website for more information on the requirements:

What do I need to do to prepare for my trip to Canada?

You will receive information by email. This information will help you prepare for your journey to Canada and settling upon arrival.

Additionally, joining the International Student Mentorship Program (ISMP) is a great way to meet other students and adjust to your new life in Canada.

As an international student am I guaranteed on-campus accommodations?

In your acceptance package you will be provided with information on applying for residence.

Is there assistance for off-campus housing?

Nipissing University offers off-campus housing support. Please visit our Off-Campus Living website.

What do I need to know about taxes and immigration?

Degree-Seeking Students must secure a Study Permit prior to their arrival in Canada. The process can take up to 45 days and longer in various regions. You will need to submit your “Student Acceptance Information Form, which Nipissing International will send you with your offer of admission, as proof of your acceptance and duration of your study period.

For more information visit:

How many hours per week am I eligible to work off campus?

Beginning in Fall 2024, Canada intends to change the number of hours students may work off campus per week to 24 hours. Learn more