Associate Teachers

Associate teachers play a vital role in modeling excellence in teaching and professionalism. While mentoring teacher candidates is a rewarding experience, it is also a tremendous commitment and responsibility. The Schulich School of Education appreciates the dedication of associate teachers in guiding teacher candidates through the planning and implementation process and providing feedback and evaluation at this critical stage in their development as educators.

The first step toward a rich and successful practicum experience for you and your teacher candidate begins here. Whether it's your first time hosting a teacher candidate from the Schulich School of Education, or your tenth, it is important that you are familiar with our expectations, the responsibilities of your teacher candidate and your role as mentor. We hope you find the following resources helpful as you prepare to welcome a teacher candidate in your classroom.

What does an associate teacher do?

Associate teachers provide a foundation for future teachers. They provide mentoring by hosting a teacher candidate from five to eight weeks. Associate teachers provide teacher candidates with a model of excellence in teaching and professionalism. They guide teacher candidates in the planning and implementation process and provide feedback using the practicum reports as a basis for discussion. Associate teachers evaluate their teacher candidate’s success using the applicable Schulich School of Education practicum report, year 1 and year 2. Detailed information on all aspects of practicum can be found in our handbooks.

Why should I become an associate teacher?

Imagine extending your positive influence beyond your students to many other classes. Being an associate teacher allows your reach to extend to others and last for years to come.

We also recognize associate teachers with $7 per day honorarium for each teacher candidate. In addition, we acknowledge associate teachers with annual prizes.

How do I become an associate teacher?

Each board has their own processes. We are happy to direct you, so please feel free to contact our Practicum Office at or 705-474-3450 ext. 4555.

How is the practicum organized?

The Schulich School of Education organizes the practicum in blocks of time to facilitate work with 52 school boards and 7 school authorities. Such block placements also allow teacher candidates to see development of students’ skills over time. In the first year, teacher candidates complete four weeks in the fall and four in the winter. In the second year, teacher candidates have two different placements: one of five weeks in the fall and one of six weeks in the spring.

What does a teacher candidate do?

Teacher candidates enter the Schulich School of Education as associate members of the Ontario College of Teachers and therefore accept the responsibilities assigned by the school principal and the associate teacher. During the practicum, teacher candidates are observing learners, studying the role of the teacher, practicing teaching skills, and reflecting on their experience. Teacher candidates must work closely with associate teachers within the learning environment. As teacher candidates gain more experience, the teaching expectations increase.

How will I be supported as an associate teacher?

Each teacher candidate is assigned a faculty advisor. Faculty advisors consult with and provide ongoing and timely support to teacher candidates and associate teachers throughout the practicum experience. They visit and observe each teacher candidate in the classroom once during the fall or winter practicum block. Faculty advisors can be contacted via email by teacher candidates and associate teachers for support at any time during the practicum.

Our Practicum Office is another means of support. Associate teachers can contact the Practicum Office at or 705-474-3450 ext. 4555. 

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