17th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference - IN PERSON

UGRC 2024

Friday, March 22 - Saturday, March 23, 2024

The Undergraduate Research Conference celebrates the contributions of undergraduate research at Nipissing University and across Ontario. It provides an opportunity for students to present a research project they are working on while engaging in scholarly debate amongst each other.

A student from any undergraduate discipline, who has worked on a scholarly project and taken a leadership role in its development and execution, is eligible to participate in the conference. Proposals can be disciplinary specific or multi/interdisciplinary.

Students are invited to present an original poster, art installation, oral presentation of a paper or a panel presentation of a series of related papers.

This conference is an excellent opportunity for undergraduate students to showcase their work in a professional setting before their peers, faculty, and the public. Participation in this conference can be added to your Record of Student Development.

Each application will be reviewed by expert reviewers.

Works may include:

  • directed study projects
  • honours thesis research
  • co-op or practicum projects
  • service learning projects
  • summer research projects
  • volunteer research
  • creative work in the visual and performing arts
  • independent study
  • community service
  • study abroad

Some examples of eligible scholarly works are:

  • interpretation of a performance, piece of music or art work
  • interpretation of a piece of literature/literary criticism
  • model design and development
  • scientific experiments
  • textual analysis
  • historical interpretation
  • case study
  • research/ term/analytical paper
  • engineering research or development projects
  • qualitative or quantitative research projects

Categories of Presentations


Students choosing to make a research poster presentation may do so, on an individual basis. Poster submissions should be original undergraduate student research such as those listed above. Students should be prepared to share their research with Conference guests in a poster presentation setting, and should also be prepared to field questions with regard to their research.

Paper Presentation Panels

Based on proposal submissions, the UGRC committee will group like papers into panels with common themes. Each panel will have 3 – 4 participants and each paper presentation will be 15 minutes long. Papers can be presented individually or in group format. If you and other participants want to submit a panel group with a common theme, it is recommended that the group be mentored by a faculty member in preparation for the conference.

Fine Arts

Students may submit individual or collaborative creative work for exhibition during the undergraduate research conference. The selection committee will endeavour to accommodate all forms of creative practice, including but not limited to the following: painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, installation, photography, video art, sound art, performance, music, poetry and spoken word, etc. Interdisciplinary creative practices are also welcome. Some forms of creative work may not be feasible due to the physical limitations of the institution. Only original undergraduate student work is eligible.

Poetry & Spoken Word

Getting Creative in Your Campus Community - NEW feature for 2024!

If you are a practising poet or a spoken word artist and would like to take part in a short and curated reading, featured as part of the conference reception on the evening of Friday, March 22 between 8:-8:30 pm at the NUSU Centre, please send your written submission to our selection committee, care of Dr Laurie Kruk, lauriek@nipissingu.ca, by March 1.

Submissions should include your unpublished poetry, up to a maximum of three pages, in an attached PDF or Word file. The files should not have any features which would identify the author and must be accompanied by a covering email. The email will have the poems’ titles and the author’s name and contact information. 

A prize will be awarded to the best poetic presentation of the evening!