Organization and Time Management


Loop Habit Tracker
Keep track of your mood, to-do list, and daily activities right from your phone!

Google Chrome PC App
Momentum is your one-stop tab with daily goals, productivity trackers, beautiful fluctuating backgrounds, and a to-do list that you can add to your Google Chrome for free today!


Mind Over Mood
This e-book looks into how goal-setting and organization can contribute to a happier lifestyle.

Straight-A Student
Learn how to study smart—not hard—and become more confident in your academic success.

Organizing from the Inside Out
This self-help book provides advice about maintaining an organized lifestyle and, consequently, an organized mindset and mental wellbeing.

Internal Services

Student Success Workshops
Internal Resource
Staff, student leaders, and faculty advisors collaborate to create a series of workshops on various topics relevant to student success during their time at Nipissing University!

Student Learning & Transitions (SLT)
Internal Resource
Student Learning and Transitions (SLT) is a fantastic resource for academic help, but did you know they can also help you develop soft skills like organization and time management? Schedule an appointment or visit their drop-in hours to learn more!
Academic Don
Internal Resource
You can ask the Academic Dons for resources on studying, time management, exam prep, and more. They can also direct you to on-campus resources and departments that can assist you academically.

Videos and Movies

Master Procrastinator Ted Talk
This Ted Talk explores the motivating factors of procrastination and how to combat the “Panic Monster.”


Time Management
The video on this website examines how a person's relationship with time management can improve their mental health and overall happiness while simultaneously offering solutions to manage your time properly and efficiently.

Assignment Calendar
Need help developing a timeline for an assignment so you aren't scrambling at the last minute? Use this website to create a set of self-directed deadlines for different parts of your assignment to space out your work efficiently.

Time Management Tips
Worksheet (PDF)
Looking After Yourself/ Procrastination
Workbook/ Worksheets
Procrastination is a common part of human behaviour. Often people mistake procrastination for “laziness”.  In everyday language people use definitions like, “putting off”, “postponing”, “delaying”, “deferring”, and “leaving to the last minute”.