Student Success Workshops

Record of Student Development approved

Staff, student leaders, and faculty advisors collaborate to create a series of workshops on various topics relevant to student success during their time at Nipissing University!

Book a Student Success Workshop for your class or student group by emailing (please allow 3 weeks' notice) Select from our list of existing topics or connect with the department so we can create a learning opportunity that will match your needs.

All of our workshops are approved for recognition on your Record of Student Development.


Workshop Title

Workshop Description


Adulting, 101


Learn about time-management, professionalism, meal-prep, budgeting, and anything else life throws your way.


How to Successfully Begin Your Semester


Make sure your semester is a success by learning how to communicate with your professors, get organized, and get involved!


Study Strategies


Learn study strategies geared towards your learning style, how to write lecture notes, ways to increase retention, test-taking tips, and more


Tackling Your Textbooks


Reading your textbook shouldn’t feel like climbing Mount Everest. Learn tips and tricks for note-taking, summarizing, and memory retention to get the most out of your textbook.


Budgeting Workshop


Money problems? Learn how to live with any sized budget, how to be money-smart, and how to keep your budget organized.


Technology Series 1 - Productivity & Organization


Discover apps and extensions that will help you with time management, goal/habitat tracking, and maintaining focus.


Technology Series 2 - Academic Preparation


Discover technology that will help you study for retention, produce quality work, and increase your overall efficiency.


Technology Series 3 - Health & Wellness


Discover apps that help to improve your healthy eating, physical activity, social involvement, and mental health.


Exercise Your Write: Starting the Writing Process (Part 1 of 2)


Confront your writer’s block and explore how to develop, organize, draft, and revise ideas in preparation for any writing assignment.


Exercise Your Write: Learning From Your Professor’s Feedback (Part 2 of 2)


Explore the importance of learning how to decode and apply your professor’s feedback to improve your writing.


Making the Most of Your Reading Week


Learn how to get organized for Reading Week and master balancing your assignments, social life, and self-care.


Bouncing Back from Failure 


Midterms didn’t go as great as you planned? Not to worry! Learn how to bounce back with new studying strategies and more.


How to Do a Poster Presentation


Need to prepare a poster presentation? Find out what technology to use, how to design layouts, and other tips to make the poster effective.


Learning About Transferable Skills


Ever apply to a job and feel like don’t have any of the skills they’re looking for? Find out about transferable skills you may already have and how to learn more transferable skills.


Preparing for Exam Season


Make sure you’re ready for all your final exams by learning these test-taking strategies, study tips, and time-management skills.