Student Success Workshops

Student Learning and Transitions offers a wide variety of student success workshops throughout the academic year to support students with getting adjusted to university, developing academic skills, career readiness, and more! 

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All of our workshops have the added benefit of being Record of Student Development approved! Students who participate can add their involvement to their co-curricular record via the RSD website. 

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Want to collaborate with us? Request a student success workshop below! You can either choose from our existing list of topics or connect with us to discuss a personalized learning opportunity unique to your class, student group, or situation. Please provide 3 weeks' notice for your request. 

Workshop Topics:  



RSD Competencies

 Adulting 101

Adulting 101. Subtext: Checklist with Time Management, Meal Planning, Finances and Budgeting, Self-care, and Professionalism listed all checked off.


Join in for some tips and tricks for moving through your academics in a professional and "adult" way!

Emotional and Interpersonal Intelligence

 Articulating Your Skills

Clipart person talking with the text "Articulating Your Skills" directly beneath.


Learn how to describe the skills you have built so far in your time at University, or in prior jobs, as you navigate the world of resume-writing and interviewing for prospective employment. Learn how to articulate the things that you have done and the competencies you possess to future employers and maximize your ability to stand out against other candidates in the career world.

Critical Thinking

Career Development & You 

Top down view of a white desk with a computer, black coffee, notebook and binder clips on it. Text reads Career Development & You.

Deciding what career path you will take after graduation can be a daunting task and leave students feeling overwhelmed with choices. In this session, we will be talking about strategies you can take to narrow down your choices and set you on the path to career success.

Critical Thinking

Cover Letter Writing 101 

Cover Letter Writing 101 Student Success Workshop


An effective cover letter is essential and can set you apart from other candidates and illustrate why you are the best person for the job. Attend this workshop to learn the format, layout and content of the most compelling cover letter and set yourself up for success.


Exploring The Job Market 

Exploring the Job Market Student Success Workshop


Looking for a part-time or full-time job? Learn how to navigate the job market and take a proactive approach in your job hunt!

Critical Thinking

How To Begin Your Semester 

Lime green, Light blue, and grey theme, with block green text in the middle that says How to Begin Your Semester.


Make sure your semester is a success by learning how to communicate with your professors, get organized, and get involved!


Identifying Capacity & Managing Time 

Stop watch with a checkmark on it. Title Text, centered reads Identifying Capacity & Managing Your Time in Green font.

Take an inventory of all the things you've got going for you and learn how to manage your time with that in mind!

Responding to Change

Introduction to Interviews 

Two people shake hands, grey border, and Introduction to Interviews written in white text.


Interviewing can be a daunting thing, but is necessary to secure part-time and full-time employment. Get some tips and tricks from our friends at Yes Employment and learn how to ace your next interview.

Functioning Independently

Kick-Start Your Paper 

Pink background with office supplies littered around a post it note that says Kick-start Your Paper in crayon looking cursive text.

Have started your paper yet? No shade if you're in this boat! This isn't a conversation about procrastination or a sneaky way of dealing with time management. There's no time for that! This session meets you where you are in the writing process. We can deal with the other issues another time.

Critical Thinking

LinkedIn: Building Your Profile 

Light blue background, with math supplies in the bottom left corner, and office supplies in the top right corner. Centered is text that reads Linkedin: Building your Profile.

Join Yes Employment and Career Services as we chat about the importance of creating and updating your LinkedIn profile, especially as we enter a more virtual world. 


Maintaining Focus in Syncronous Lectures 

Bottom right corner is a graphic of a person in a video call (blue, white and black tones). Top left title text says Maintaining Focus in Synchronous Lectures.


Learn new strategies to maintain focus and stay engaged during synchronous lectures to make the most of your "in-class" time.

Commitment and Accountability

Note-Taking for Online Learning 

Note-taking for Online Learning Student Success Workshop

It’s not a lecture but it’s not a reading... what to do? Get the most out of your weekly module content and your notes so you can study effectively.

Functioning Independently

Post-It Notes: A Guide to Online Discussion Posts 

Background is 60's vibes blobs of mustard, brown and beige. Foreground is a mustard post-it note with Post-It Notes: A Guide to Online Discussion Posts on it.

Participating in online discussions is a skill and, in this session, we'll be talking about the strategies and tools for improving that skill in order to get the marks and, most importantly, LEARN!

Critical Thinking

Procrastinators Unite! Right Now. 

Red text: Procrastinators Unite! Black text: Right now. Graphic represents a calendar with a reminder bell.

Why do you procrastinate? It's probably not the reason you're thinking. How can you stop? Find out!


Resume Writing 101 

Person writing in a notebook with pencil. Black border. In white text: Resume Writing 101.

Do you need to create or update your resume and aren't sure where to start? This workshop offers tips on the use of appropriate formatting, layout and how to select and present relevant skills to an employer. Whether you are looking for a part-time job while you continue your studies, or a full-time job as you prepare to graduate, this workshop is for you!


Study Strategies Workshop 

Woman writes in a sprialbound notebook on the right. To the left is blue text within a grey bordered square that says study strategies workshop.

It's never too soon to start studying! Learn some proactive strategies that can help you maintain balance during assessment-heavy times.


Study Strategies for Online Learning 

Blue background. Bottom right is a cartoon person on a laptop. Text says Study Strategies for Online learning.

Online learning comes with its own unique set of skills and challenges with studying for an online course being among them. Join in for a conversation about tips and tricks that address this specifically.

Responding to Change

Syllabus Social 

Beige and white tones background, burlap textured fabric used as accent. Popup window centered with light grey text that says Syllabus Social.

Where did the time go? It's already the end of the first week of classes! Now is the perfect time to gather your syllabi and join us at the Syllabus Social! In this session, you'll break things down with the help of our Academic Success Program team, to get organized for the semester ahead!

Organization, Commitment and Accountability

Tackling Your Textbook 

Blueback ground, Salmon accent shapes. Bottom right has white outlined clipart of books and pencils. Top Left has white text: Tackling Your Textbook.


Reading your textbook shouldn’t feel like climbing Mount Everest. Learn tips and tricks for note-taking, summarizing, and memory retention to get the most out of your textbook.


Tech for Academic Preparation 

Grey and white tones background, computer in the center, with white text on it that says tech for academic preparation

Discover technology that promotes studying for retention, producing quality work, and overall efficiency. Find apps, programs, websites, and more that you may find helpful in keeping you organized, motivated, and successful!


Technology Workshop: Productivity & Organization 

Yellow background, graphic of a cellphone, speech bubble coming out of the cellphone with text in it that says Technology Workshop Productivity and Organization.

Join in for some tips and tricks for improving your organization and productivity using technology!


The Final(s) Countdown: A Guide to Exam Preparation 

Dark Blue outline, light blue square in the middle, with a calendar, book, and an hourglass. Text says: The Finals Countdown: A Guide to Exam Preparation

Peek behind the curtain and find out how to prepare for three types of online exams so you can start to get ready for December starting today!


The STATs Session Part 1 

Background is math equations written in white text on a blackboard. Foreground is the title "The Stats Session Part 1" with a clipart black and white calculator below it.

Based on our calculations, it's possible you could be experiencing some stress related to MATH 1257. Never fear, our Academic Success Program Facilitators are here! During this session, we will cover calculating probabilities with and without probability distributions.

Critical Thinking

Time Management & Online Learning 

Mint Green themed graphic of a woman holding and working on a computer, green text top left reads Time Management & Online Learning.

During this session, we will look at practical strategies for managing your time in a balanced way while learning online.


What Can I Do With My Degree? 

Orange, Blue and yellow theme of amophous blobs, graduation cap and degree graphic and a graphic of an award medal. Orange text says: What Can I Do With My Degree?

Thinking about where your degree might take you doesn't need to be frightening! Join us as we chat about the benefits of your degree, how to make the most out of your university career, and the world of opportunities ahead of you. This workshop will be facilitated virtually. 

Critical Thinking


Want us to host a workshop not yet on this list? No problem! Reach out via the request a workshop form above.