Academic Senate

In accordance with the Nipissing University Act of 1992, the direction and operations of the University are determined by a bicameral governance: the Senate and the Board of Governors. In 2007-08, Nipissing University undertook a review and restructuring of its Senate and moved to a representational model.

Members of the Senate include: the President; the Provost and Vice-President Academic and Research; the Vice-President Finance and Administration, the Deans; the Registrar; the Executive Director, Library Services; 39 elected members of the teaching staff, six student Senators as well as representatives from the Alumni Association, Board of Governors and the Aboriginal Council on Education.

The duties and mandate of the Board of Governors and the Senate are generally divided based on administration and academic requirements, with the Senate and its various committees and subcommittees assessing the academic needs of the University. This includes evaluating new programs and courses, approval of graduates, establishing admission requirements and searches for selection committees.

The Senate meets approximately 10 times a year. Follow the links to review Senate minutes or to learn more about the various standing committees created by the Senate.