Nipissing University Residents’ Council (NURC)

Get Involved

In addition to having a lot of fun and meeting new friends, getting involved in the Residents' Council will help you develop strong leadership and organizational skills.

Residents' Council is responsible for planning residence activities (such as the popular Movie Under The Stars event, coffee houses, and skating parties) as well as acting as a representative body which supports the needs of you - the residents. The Nipissing University Residents’ Council (NURC) focuses on building a strong sense of community while encouraging residents to gain new skills, learn about their diverse world, strive for overall wellness, and become an active member of their community.

We encourage all students to become an integral part of the working gears behind programming and representation in residence - the Residents' Council! If you have any questions about Residents' Council, membership opportunities, or the duties of the NURC Executive listed on this website a current member of the NURC Executive would be happy to help you.

Membership Opportunities for Student Leaders

The NURC General Council is the perfect opportunity for students interested in leadership positions within their community. The NURC General Council is composed of various committees and positions which strive to involve members of the residence community in a variety of social and educational opportunities.

Committees in the North Bay NURC General Council include: Athletics and Wellness, Social and Community Action. All residents are welcome to participate in each of these committees throughout the year. Committee Chair positions will be available in September and will be elected by a vote of those in the committee.

Another leadership opportunity available for interested students are Floor/Section and Complex Representative positions. The Floor/Section and Complex Representatives will be elected by your floor/section communities in September and are active members of the residence community who promote programming initiatives and (as outlined in their title) represent students within the Residence Life Team. These students also complete monthly bulletin boards and run collaborative programs with Residence Dons.

Executive Positions

Below is a brief summary of the duties of the NURC Executive positions:

Residents’ Council Facilitator

Two returning NURC Executives are selected annually for the position of Residents’ Council Facilitator (RCF). The RCF works closely with the Residence Life Professionals in facilitating and coordinating the programming and administrative duties of the NURC. The RCFs often collaborate with the Community Advisors in community driven programming and are encouraged to facilitate teambuilding and development opportunities for the NURC.


Each complex has a President selected annually who coordinates the NURC General Council, chairs the Representative Committee (composed of Floor/Section and Complex Representatives). The President also serves as a chief advisor to the RCF and Residence Life Professionals on all matters of the NURC.

Vice-President, Finance

Each complex has a Vice-President, Finance selected annually. The VP Finance is responsible for maintaining and updating the complex Council budget and inventory. The VP Finance sits on the Community Action Committee which seeks to engage in both the residence community and community at large. The VP Finance is responsible for budget approval for each NURC program proposed within their complex as well as a Complex Executive team builder each term.

Vice-President, Social

The Vice-President, Social is selected annually and sits on the Social Committee. The VP Social engages with campus and community partners to provide social opportunities for residents. Administrative duties include providing a summary of each program the NURC presents in their complex as well as a monthly communication of upcoming NURC events and updates.

Vice-President, Athletics and Wellness

The Vice-President, Athletics and Wellness is selected annually and sits on the Athletics and Wellness Committee. The VP Athletics and Wellness is responsible for the promotion of a healthy, balanced lifestyle through programming and presentation of opportunities for such experiences for residents. The VP Athletics and Wellness is also responsible for coordinating with Nipissing and Canadore Athletics Centres for intramural and varsity opportunities.