Proof of Enrolment

Students who require confirmation of their current registration status at Nipissing University can obtain a signed Proof of Enrolment letter via WebAdvisor.

  1. ​Login to WebAdvisor
  2. Select the Student Menu
  3. Select Academic Profile
  4. Select Proof of Enrolment Letter
  5. Select your Program and Term, Click Submit
  6. Select Proof of Enrolment Letter (PDF) to download your letter.

Is the Proof of Enrolment Letter from WebAdvisor official?

Yes, the Proof of Enrolment Letter produced in WebAdvisor features Nipissing University letterhead and uses data directly from your student record.

How is full-time status evaluated?

Registration status is evaluated for each 12-week session in the Academic Year

  • Fall (September - December)
  • Winter (January - April)
  • Spring/Summer (May - August)

A student is considered to be full-time in a session if they are registered as follows:

  • enrolled in an undergraduate program AND enrolled in courses totaling a minimum of 9 credits per semester; 


  • enrolled in a full-time graduate program

An organization requires the University seal or handwritten signature, what should I do?

If the organization you are providing the letter to does not accept the letter generated from WebAdvisor, please complete the Proof of Enrolment Request form and submit it via email to Fees associated with this service are listed on the Proof of Enrolment Request form.