Tuition Fees and Payments

Each 3-credit course is considered a half course and each 6-credit course is considered one full course. Other Mandatory Fees are non-refundable after the start of the session. For a detailed breakdown of Other Mandatory fees refer to the Other Mandatory Fees section. 

All students should refer to the Service Fees section for additional charges that may apply to them.

A 1.5% monthly (19.56% effective annual rate) late fee may be assessed to those students with outstanding fees after the published due date. Non-payment of fees may render a student ineligible for registration in future sessions. In addition, students who are in financial arrears to the university may face deregistration from future courses and will not be issued their transcripts of record, statement of standing, degree or related evidence of their academic progress until such time as their account is cleared.

**Nipissing University reserves the right to modify published fees and the regulations governing refunds without advance notice.**

Tuition and Fees

Arts and Science, Business Administration,
BComm, College Partnership, Computer Science, Data Science

Education Programs
Tuition and Fees

Bachelor of Education
Consecutive and Concurrent

Nursing Programs
Tuition and Fees

Bachelor of Science Nursing
RPN to Bachelor of Science Nursing Bridging

Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate, Graduate, Post-Baccalaureate, Education

Indigenous Education
Tuition and Fees

Indigenous Teacher Education, Indigenous Classroom Assistant, Teacher of Indigenous Languages as a Second Language