Professional Learning Services

Schulich School of Education - Professional Learning Program (PLP) 

Always on the cutting edge of innovation and excellence in education, we offer our teacher candidates unique, value-added educational experience through our Professional Learning Program (PLP).  Over the course of the Bachelor of Education (BEd) program, teacher candidates are immersed in a professional learning environment and are invited to participate in a series of engaging and hands-on learning experiences, including:

  • Integration of digital technology in today’s classrooms (e.g., SMART Board, iPads, Google Classrooms, Coding)
  • Personal resumé and portfolio tips
  • Interview techniques
  • Career Fair

Through ongoing communication with faculty, pre-service teachers, associate teachers, and other stakeholders, we are able to provide relevant and timely professional learning opportunities that build upon the knowledge and skills gained through course work.

Program Requirements

All teacher candidates are advised to bring a laptop computer for use in the BEd program. In terms of make and model, the choice is yours as long as the device is reliable and performs effectively to meet the needs of a teacher candidate (e.g., ability to complete assignments, create lesson and activity plans, research and access resources).