On-site Courses (Paper Invigilated Exams)

Current Session Submission Dates


Exam Date Exam Due Date
2024-04-11 2-Apr
2024-04-12 3-Apr
2024-04-15 4-Apr
2024-04-16 5-Apr
2024-04-17 8-Apr
2024-04-18 9-Apr
2024-04-19 10-Apr
2024-04-22 11-Apr
2024-04-23 12-Apr
2024-04-24 15-Apr
2024-04-25 16-Apr


FASS processes all paper invigilated scheduled fall and winter term final exams for Arts & Science, and Education & Professional Studies. Once faculty have chosen their exam preference through the Registrar’s Office, FASS will send an email to those faculty having paper invigilated exams with submission instructions.

Submission deadlines are created based on the final exam schedule received from the Registrar’s Office, and it is imperative that the deadlines are adhered to in order to ensure there is adequate time to process the exam through FASS, Print Plus, the Registrar’s Office and Student Accessibility Services.

Exams can either be submitted as Word documents via email or delivered on a USB. FASS can also accept hard copy submissions, if required, however this is not ideal as it will greatly reduce the print quality of the final exams given to students. If a faculty member would like to use an exam from a previous term, they may request to have it retrieved from FASS’ archives to be updated and reused.

All exams utilize a standard Nipissing University template, which can be found here.

Once exams have been formatted, a PDF proof is sent to the faculty member for final approval. Accuracy in final exams is critical, so it is important that the faculty member take the time to review every detail in the proof to ensure it is ready for printing. Once final approval is received, the exams are sent to print and provided to the Registrar’s Office and Student Accessibility Services.

Strict security measures are implemented by FASS and Print Plus throughout every step of the exam process to ensure that the integrity of the exams is maintained at all times. Student workers are not employed by FASS or Print Plus during the final exam period.