ADHD and Neurodivergence


The Neurodivergent Friendly Workbook of DBT Skills

Each section is colour coordinated with an appealing colour to keep things colourful, engaging and sensory friendly. There's a whole bunch of different tools and worksheets too! About the author: Sonny Jane (they/them) is multiply neurodivergent - or more specifically, an Autistic ADHDer living with Bipolar and in recovery with Borderline Personality Disorder. They're also an internationally recognised lived experience educator, consultant and advocate who's passionate about neurodiversity and supporting neurodivergent individuals.

ADHD 2.0: New Science and Essential Strategies for Thriving with Distraction
A revolutionary new approach to ADD/ADHD featuring cutting-edge research and strategies to help readers thrive, by the bestselling authors of the seminal books Driven to Distraction and Delivered from Distraction

The 10 Best Books for ADHD
We’ve rounded up the best books for ADHD according to the type of advice and topic you may be looking for, whether that’s a book for managing your own ADHD or solutions for connecting with your ADHD teen.


A free and confidential phone or textline specifically for post-secondary students who want professional counselling and information/referrals for mental health, addictions, and well-being; available 24/7/365.

Videos and Movies

How to ADHD
Have ADHD? Know someone with ADHD? Want to learn more? You're in the right place! Most weeks I post a new video with tips, tricks and insights into the ADHD brain. This channel is my ADHD toolbox -- a place to keep all the strategies I've learned about having and living with ADHD. It's also grown into an amazing community of brains (and hearts!) who support and help each other. Anyone looking to learn more about ADHD is welcome here!

5 ADHD Productivity Apps as Recommended by ADHD Coach
ADHD Coach Arianna Bradford explores the best ADHD Productivity Apps right now that she recommends for those with ADHD and managing it in their knowledge working days.

ADHD sucks, but not really
Ted Talk


Neurodiversity and the Myth of Normal - Part 1 and Part 2
Brain variations which were once advantages are now seen as burdens and disorders that beg for remedies. In this two-part series, IDEAS traces the social and cultural response to brain variation and whether there's a way back to seeing them as advantages. *This episode originally aired on April 29, 2022.


ADHD Guide
What is ADHD? ADD vs. ADHD? Learn the science behind this neurological condition, research updates, current statistics regarding diagnosis and treatment of its symptoms, and other essential information for parents, adults, and professionals.

Talk with Frida: Adult ADHD Clinic in Ontario
Many doctors don’t get ADHD & don’t make it easy for adults to get a diagnosis. Frida does. If you think you may have ADHD, complete our 2-min ADHD self-assessment to get started. Convenient and Accessible. 6 Steps to Get Treatment. Adult ADHD Clinic.


ADHD Self Report Scale
Self-Assessment Questionnaire
Study Tips
Study skills help to reduce test anxiety, improve focus, and increase motivation to do well on tests. Good study habits are important for all students, but they are particularly beneficial for those with ADHD or test anxiety.
ADHD Focus Plan
ADHD may lead to procrastination, distraction, feelings of overwhelm, or simply forgetting about the task. CBT for ADHD teaches practical skills to address these challenges. The ADHD Focus Plan worksheet combines these practical skills into a simple planning process.

Managing ADHD
The Managing ADHD worksheet describes five key skills that can often help those with ADHD. The skills include: creating structure, setting aside time for relationships, staying organized, creating the right environment, and living a healthy lifestyle. Each section describes the importance of the skill, and tips to implement it successfully.

Tips for Managing ADHD
The Tips for Managing ADHD worksheet provides an overview of common strategies for handling adult ADHD, such as creating a daily schedule, breaking down large tasks, and identifying procrastination behaviours.