Research Ethics Board Membership

Members of the Research Ethics Board

Voting Members

  • Dr. Steve Hansen, Chair - School of Physical and Health Education
  • Dr. Geoff Hartley, Vice-Chair - School of Physical and Health Education
  • Dr. Rosemary Nagy, Vice-Chair - Department of Gender Equality and Social Justice
  • Dr. Steven Arnocky - Psychology
  • Dr. Tara McGoey - Canadore College Representative
  • Dr. Kristina Karvinen - School of Physical and Health Education
  • Dr. Louela Manankil-Rankin - School of Nursing
  • Dr. Prasad Ravi - School of Business
  • Dr. Nancy Black - Executive Director, Library Services
  • Dr. Tammie McParland - School of Nursing
  • Dr. Laurie Peachey - School of Nursing
  • Dr. Mike Parr - School of Education
  • Dr. Charles Anyinam - School of Nursing
  • Jessica Stickle - Community Member At-Large

Non-voting Members

  • Research Coordinator (non-voting)

For composition requirements please refer to our Terms of Reference.

Meeting Dates

The NUREB meets monthly throughout the entire year to discuss ethics protocols and ethics education. Applications are reviewed on a rolling fashion and may be submitted at any time.