Returning Students Residence Questions

How do I re-apply for residence for the 2024-2025 academic year?

The 2024/25 eRezlife Application will be available in January, date TBA. 

Current or Returning Students: To be considered for one of our limited enrollment early placements, current/returning students must complete their 2024 Residence application and pay their full $400 deposit.  If you qualify for one of the limited enrollment placements, the Residence Life department will reach out to you via your student email account prior to the end of the semester to inform you that you have secured a placement for the 24/25 school year.  Please note - the earlier you apply and pay your deposit the better chance you give yourself of securing a placement.  

Please Note:  The Nipissing University Finance department Policy states that,  "Payments from students with outstanding balances from current or previous terms that may be intended as future residence or tuition deposits will first be applied against the existing outstanding balance, and not treated as a deposit payment."

Can I choose a residence complex?

Please ensure that you rank your complex preference on your re-application form. You may also choose your suite and room. We try our best to meet students' preferences but there are only so many spots available in each complex and you may get your 2nd, or 3rd preference.

Are there eligibility requirements to return to residence?

Yes, you must currently reside in a Nipissing University residence complex. You must also be enrolled as a full-time student as defined by the Office of the Registrar or other relevant university policy. You must not be "On Notice" or "On Probation" and you must be in good financial standing with the university. 

How will you determine if I meet the eligibility requirements?

By completing the application form, you are giving us permission to verify your academic and financial records. Please note that if your academic status changes from full-time to part-time, you may automatically forfeit your spot in residence. 

Will International students studying at Nipissing University have to submit a Returning Resident Application if they wish to return to residence?

Yes, spots in residence are guaranteed to undergraduate degree seeking International Students for their first year only. Students will also be required to meet the eligibility requirements for all returning residents. 

When will I know if I get into Residence?

If you have submitted a Returning Resident Application, an email will be sent to students in mid March advising them if they have secured a spot in Residence or if they have been placed on the waitlist.  

What if I wish to share a suite/house with someone who does not currently live in residence?

If you wish to live in Residence with a student who does not currently live in Residence, the student would have to complete an eRezlife application and pay their $400 Residence deposit.  The next step would be for one of you to create a Roommate Group through the eRezlife application.  Once the Roommate Group is created the student who has been invited to join the group will receive an email invitation to join the group.  If they accept the invitation within the email, they will be added to the group and the Roommate Group is then created.  Residence can not guarantee that students will be placed with the students in their roommate group. 

What if I wish to share a suite/house with someone who currently lives in residence and will be filling out a Returning Resident Application?

Students currently living in residence can choose to share a suite/house with another returning applicant.  Please indicate this clearly on your application by creating a Roommate Group. Please choose a name for your group.

To add roommates to the group:

  • you must know their email address exactly as listed in their eRezLife application
  • you can only add people who have completed applications for this session

Please ensure that any Returning Resident applicants you wish to share a suite/house with also approve the roommate group on their applications. 

Can I get my deposit back if I withdraw?

If an applicant cancels their Residence application prior to receiving their placement notification, they may be eligible to receive a refund, less the $30 non refundable application fee.  If an applicant cancels their Residence application after receive notice of placement, they are only entitled to receive a refund of $100.  Please reach out to the Finance Office at for further information.   


I have more questions, who do I call?

Please contact the Residence Life Admissions Office at 705-474-3450 x4855 or