Deferred Final Examination

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are the exam periods published?

A: Each spring the academic dates for the year are published in the Academic Calendar.  The academic dates include the two-week examination period for each session.  All students are expected to be available to write during these defined examination periods. 

Q: When can I submit my deferred examination request?

A: Students can submit a deferred examination request after the commencement, and within one week, of the scheduled examination date.

Q: How do I submit my deferred examination request?

A: Students are required to complete the Deferred Examination Request via WebAdvisor. Supporting documentation must be sent by e-mail or fax as outlined on the deferred examination request form.

Q: What supporting documentation should be included with my request?

A: Supporting documentation consists of official documents or letters that support the explanation for your request. Failure to provide suitable documentation will result in the request being delayed or denied.

Medical certificates must be signed and dated by a health practitioner on the day of the final examination except in cases of serious illness (e.g,. mononucleosis or pneumonia) or surgery where the recovery time extends beyond the date of the examination.  Medical certificates must include: patient name, the date(s) and time(s) of an examination, the date(s) of illness, the expected time of convalescence, health practitioner signature and business stamp.

Q: What health practitioners can provide medical certificates to support my deferred examination request?

A: Medical certificates will only be accepted when completed by the following health practitioners:

  • A Physician or Surgeon registered with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
  • A Nurse Practitioner registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario
  • A Registered Psychologist or Psychological Associate with the College of Psychologists of Ontario
  • A Dental Surgeon (Dentist) registered with the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario
  • A health professional at the Campus Health Centre
  • Members of the above disciplines registered outside Ontario may be considered

Q: What if I see a professional not included in the categories listed above?

A: Regardless of whom you choose to see, consideration for the purpose a deferred examination request will only be given for signatures of practitioners listed above.  For information about letters of support from others, please consult the Office of the Registrar.

Q: How will I be notified regarding the decision of my deferred examination request?

A: Students will be notified via their Nipissing University student email account once a decision has been made.

Q: Please describe some situations where a deferred exam request would be denied?

A:  Pre-arranged travel, work, family commitments or misreading the examination schedule are not valid reasons for requesting a deferred examination.