Student Financial Services

At first glance, the thought of financing a University education might be overwhelming. It need not be. Our experienced staff members are here to help. Our priority is to provide you with the best possible financial service and counseling in support of your education goals.

We are located in F216, and are open Monday to Friday, 10:00am-4:00pm.

The easiest and best way to contact us is by emailing

Our Services include:

Click here for information on T2202As, T4As and other tax forms.


Tuition Due Dates:

Term balance

Undergraduates &

Consecutive Education

Fall Fees Due: September 18, 2023                

Winter Fees Due: January 19, 2024
Spring/Summer Fees Due:  First Day Session Begins

Graduate Studies

Fall Fees Due: September 18, 2023

Winter Fees Due: January 19, 2024

Spring Fees Due: May 17, 2024


First Year: Date Specified in your Offer Letter

2nd Year- Fall Fees Due: September 18, 2023

2nd Year-Winter Fees Due: January 19, 2024
Spring/Summer Fees Due: First Day Session Begins

​**Nipissing University reserves the right to modify published fees and the regulations governing refunds without advance notice.**​

Non-payment of fees may render a student ineligible for registration in future sessions. In addition, students who are in financial arrears to the University may face de-registration from future courses and will not be issued their transcripts of record, statement of standing, degree or related evidence of their academic progress until such time as their account is paid in full.