Research in forest resources laboratory (FRL) explores patterns in the distribution, composition and productivity of plant communities, and the ecological drivers that produce these patterns. A number of research project topics would fall into this overall objective, and potential projects could emphasize dendrochronological, community analysis or GIS approaches.

Possible Project Topics:

In the near future there may be opportunities to pursue projects related to the following topics: 

  • Prediction of wood and fibre attributes in relation to landscape-level variation in soil moisture.
  • Modeling temporal changes in wood quality across different ecological site conditions in the boreal forest.
  • Dendrochronological analyses of disturbance events (e.g. insect outbreaks, fire) in central and northeastern Ontario.

For more information on these topics or other related project ideas contact Dr. Jeff Dech.


Student Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in the research being conducted in the Forest Resources Lab, please stop by the Lab at H226 or contact Dr. Jeff Dech for more information.