Supervisory Committee Membership

Each MSc candidate’s Supervisory Committee will be comprised of the supervisor(s) and two additional faculty members.

The faculty members will primarily be drawn from faculty within the School of Physical and Health Education. A faculty member with expertise in the student’s research area may be invited from another Department within Nipissing University or from another University to act as a member of the Supervisory Committee.

The School of Graduate Studies must approve all Supervisory Committee members for graduate faculty status.

The Supervisory Committee should be established no later than the start of the second term of registration in the MSc Kinesiology program. All Supervisory Committees must be approved by the School of Physical and Health Education Graduate Coordinator, the Dean of the Schulich School of Education, and the Nipissing University School of Graduate Studies.

Students will meet with their Supervisory Committee at least once per term (3 times per year) to discuss their progress in the MSc Kinesiology program and to receive feedback on their research. The Supervisor will complete a progress report form following each meeting. All members of the Supervisory Committee will review and sign off on the progress report form. The Graduate Coordinator will review the forms to ensure timely completion of the degree requirements. If the Committee does not meet three times in a given year, an explanation should be provided on the progress report.