Station Specifications

Explanation of Sensors:

  • Temperature (Atmosphere) – temperature in °C, 1.8 m above the ground, facing north
  • Temperature (Soil) – measures soil temperature at specified depth in °C, approx. 10-12 cm below ground
  • PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) – this sensor measures the number of photons available per m2/s that assist in plant photosynthesis, sensor sits approx. 2.15 m above ground facing south
  • RH (Relative Humidity) – % of moisture in the air, measured approx. 1.8 m above ground
  • Pressure (Atmospheric) – pressure as measured in mbar, where average sea level pressure is 1013 mbar
  • Water Content (Soil Moisture) – measures the volume of water in soil as m3 (water)/ m3 (soil), where 0 to 0.1 m3/m3 is oven dry to dry soil and >0.3 m3/m3 is wet to saturated soil, approx. 10-20 cm below ground
  • Wetness (Leaf Wetness) – senses moisture (rain/dew/etc.) that would collect on leaves, 0 (dry) – 100 % (wet), 0.6 m above ground
  • Precipitation (mm) – this sensor measures the mm of precipitation received in the logging interval, bucket located 1 m above ground
  • Dew Point – determines the temperature at which condensation of moisture in air would occur (based on temperature and RH)
  • Wind Speed – measured in metres/second, average wind speed over logging interval, 2 m above ground
  • Gust Speed – measure in metres/second, fastest 2 second gust over logging interval